Can we now speculate on Coords and Asst Coaches?

By reading the two answers from Coach Doeren it seems that he is entertaining the possibility of keeping a few of the current coaches.  On top of that he has already given offers to other coaches not associated with the current staff.


On his knowledge of Coach Matukewicz and assembling his staff
"I did know Coach Tuke, not to a great extent, but knew him from recruiting in Florida. I've seen him on the road a few times. He's also a Kansas man, so I've heard of him through the profession. We briefly talked upstairs today before I met with the team, but haven't had a great deal of time to sit down with him, he's pretty busy too. I do plan on sitting down with him and any other member of the staff that would like to entertain staying, not that that's going to happen, but I do want to talk to every one of those guys about that. As far as building a staff, that's something that I've been doing over the course of the last seven days once I got the phone call that they were interested, and I knew that would be important. I'm not going to announce any of those names quite yet, but that is of the utmost importance. I'm talking to guys that were on Coach Novak's staff, guys who have played here. I want guys that understand the culture at NIU and that are very proud of working here."


On the process of assembling his staff
"That is the plan that we would like to see happen because of the traveling situation that NIU is undertaking here tomorrow and then me going to the Rose Bowl and coming back, a lot of this is going to be dependent on how we can do those things. There is going to be a lot of back and forth. The sooner I can get everyone here, the sooner I will. I will say this though, I'm not going to rush the process. I do believe that hiring nine guys as fast as I can is not the smartest thing to do. I do know a lot of coaches in this business. There are a lot of great ones, that doesn't mean that they're the right guys for this job. I'm going to take my time. There are a few guys that I have offered positions to I'm going to go out and talk with their families and we'll see where that goes, but we're going to have some guys here who want to be here that represent what I represent, and I'm going to take my time doing that. That's something that I watched with Bret. Bret, a lot like me has a lot of friends in this business, but he interviewed guys for every spot to make sure that they were the right fit and I think that's important here."


So after reading in to this that who do you think will be staying?

Who is going to want to follow Kill to Minn after the 18th?

Who are your front runners for the DC and OC positions?

Below is a list of the remaining coaches in their regular season positions.

Open - Defensive Coordinator (Claeys has been with Kill since 1995)
Open - Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line - (Limegrover has been with Kill since 1999)
Brian Anderson - Assistant Coach/Tight Ends - (With Kill since 2003)
Tom Matukewicz - Assistant Coach/Linebackers - (With Kill since 2003)
Jeff Phelps - Assistant Coach/Defensive Line and Recruiting Coord. - (With NIU since 2006)
Pat Poore - Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers- (With Kill since 2001)
Rob Reeves - Assistant Coach/Running Backs- (With Kill since 1996)
Jay Sawvel - Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs and Special Teams- (With Kill since 2001)
Jim Zebrowski - Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks - (First season with Kill and NIU)

Eric Klein - Director of Sports Performance - (With Kill since 1994 and also went to HS in Minn)

Joe Tripodi - Graduate Assistant/Offense - (Northwestern grad & first year coaching)
Melvin Rice - Graduate Assistant/Defense - (NIU grad & first year coaching)

Alex Krutsch - Graduate Assistant/Video - (NIU grad & first year coaching)

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