A signing class tidbit you probably missed

Kill spins a web of confusion over who and who hasn't been offered a scholarship

After reviewing some of the articles from signing day (It's been a week already?) I came across a couple interesting tidbits from Lindsey Willhite of the Daily Herald.  First of all, some clarification:

Preferred walk-ons/potential scholarship guys who’ve committed and NIU announced on Wednesday:

P/K Tyler Anderson (Rockford Guilford HS)
DT Frank Boenzi (Geneva HS)
S Zak Giller (Michigan)
RB Marckie Hayes (Sycamore HS)
S Michael Santacaterina (Geneva HS)

This makes a lot more sense than the original report of a 2nd kicker being signed + the safety in Giller.

This brings the official total # of scholarships just given out to 21 (or 22 counting Boenzi in 2011).  Contrast this with the 26 total "signees" from the official release.

I just don't understand why I had to read a completely buried blog post from Daily Herald for this information.  Why couldn't Kill just tell us during the official release?  Or the press conference?  What is he trying to keep secret?

Doesn't it just water down the excitement of signing day that preferred walk-ons are getting the red carpet treatment?  I thought that receiving a scholarship upfront from a school is a lot bigger of a deal than just getting the chance to earn a spot.  It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Wouldn't fans like to know which players have actually been offered scholarships and which ones haven't?  No offense to any of these players, but if we're reaching to sign an extra kicker or a random safety from Michigan then aren't fans going to get a little discouraged?  Wouldn't season ticket-holders like to know this is more of a quality class rather than a push just to fill scholarships?

Finally, I've never heard of this going on at other schools.  Who decided that this would be a good idea?  It started with K Ryan Salerno and DT Jon Phillips in 2009, but is this now too much?

Here are the player profiles of the unveiled preferred walk-ons:

K Tyler Anderson | Guilford HS (Rockford, IL)

5'11" 186 lbs | Youtube: [1] [2] [3]

MaxPreps Profile

Stats: 26 punts for a 42 yd avg.  93% PAT avg.

Notes: All-Conference. Nice to see the local flavor here and more bodies at the Punter position.  Hopefully Josh Wilber can teach this kid some tricks.  Digging the Aerosmith in his first highlight video.

S Zak Giller | Chelsea HS (Chelsea, MI)

6'2" 195 lbs / 100 meter time: 11.7 secs

Scout Profile: 2-stars

Notes: All-Area.  Went to the same high school as Nick Hill, a highly-touted prospect that eventually committed to Michigan State after receiving an offer from NIU.  Is this the start of a pipeline?  Has decent size and may fill in the 'John Kremer/Tyler Knight' role on this team in the defensive backfield.  Played 3 games with a broken arm and 7 with a cast.

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