Recruit Ratings Mockery


National Signing Day for college football recruits always generates a discussion of the accuracy and value of recruit ratings by the various recruiting websites.  It seems like there's a self fulfilling element involved, where recruits to the high profile teams like Notre Dame and Michigan will always get high ratings because hey, they're getting recruited by Notre Dame and Michigan.  The opposite is also true, where recruits to the non-BCS conferences are rated low.  Most comic is when ratings change as a recruit moves up to a BCS team or down to a non-BCS team. 

For some perspective I thought it would be fun to see how the members of the 2009 All-MAC first team were rated when they came out of high school.  Here are the results in an excel file: 2009 All MAC First Team

Click through to see the entire embedded chart

Scout Rivals
Outside Linebacker - Lee Renfro, Ohio ** **/4.9
Outside Linebacker - Elijah Joseph, Temple ** **/5.3
Inside Linebacker - Nick Bellore, Central Michigan @ ** **/5.0
Inside Linebacker - Cobrani Mixon, Kent State **** (Michigan) ****/5.8 (Michigan)
Down Lineman - Andre Neblett, Temple #! * **/5.1
Down Lineman - Adrian Robinson, Temple *** **/5.1
Down Lineman - Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple ** ***/5.7
Down Lineman - Frank Zombo, Central Michigan @ ** **/4.9
Defensive Back - Barry Church, Toledo @^~ *** ***/5.5
Defensive Back - Davonte Shannon, Buffalo @^ ** **/5.0
Defensive Back - Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple * Not listed
Defensive Back - Brian Lainhart, Kent State # ** **/5.0
Punter - Matt Rinehart, Kent State ** **/5.1
Kickoff Return Specialist - Chris Garrett, Ohio * **/4.9
Punt Return Specialist - Antonio Brown, Central Michigan @^ * No rating
Quarterback - Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan #^~ ** **/5.4
Center - Eddie Adamski, Northern Illinois % ** **/5.2
Offensive Lineman - Allen Ollenburger, Central Michigan ** **/4.9
Offensive Lineman - Jason Onyebuagu, Northern Illinois % ** **/5.4
Offensive Lineman - Darius Morris, Temple ** **/4.9
Offensive Lineman - Colin Madison, Temple * Not listed
Tight End - Jesse Rack, Buffalo * **/4.9
Wide Receiver - Freddie Barnes, Bowling Green ** **/5.3
Wide Receiver - Antonio Brown, Central Michigan @ * No rating
Wide Receiver - Naaman Roosevelt, Buffalo @& ** **/4.9
Wide Receiver - Stephen Williams, Toledo #! * **/5.0
Running Back - Bernard Pierce, Temple ** **/5.2
Running Back - Chad Spann, Northern Illinois * Not listed
Placekicker - Matt Weller, Ohio ** **/4.9


Interesting isn't it?  The recruiting websites didn't think much of most of our guys.  See Antonio Brown and Chad Spann for two great examples.  The moral?  A high rating is nice for bragging purposes and that's about all, and a low rating doesn't mean the guy can't play and play at a high level. 

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