On losing 66-60 to Eastern Michigan

Considering there's probably only 2 more games left in the season, it's time to look at how the Huskie basketball team and see if they can begin any sort of momentum towards next season.

Here's the stat of the game:

  • EMU's Field Goals Attempted: 51.  NIU: 72
  • EMU's Free Throw Attempts: 48.  NIU: 25


Oh yeah and we only made 9 of those 25 (36%). Freshman Tony Nixon was 0 for 4, harrowing his % down to 44.  Jeremy Landers & Ante Dzepina both were 0 for 2.

Patton want to put blame on the free throw percentage, but how about NIU stops hacking so much on the defensive end and letting opponents get to the line.  There is a stat for this, it's called FT Rate and NIU is 307th in the country in allowing it to happen.

NIU should be lucky the game was as close as it was.  If EMU shot free throws on par to their season average of 66.1%, they would have made 32 baskets instead of the 26 out of 48 (54.2%) that they did.

Now we're touting statistical advantages?

"That was absolutely the story of the game (today). We go 9-for-25 from the free throw line, and lose by six; that's not how you win on the road. We had a statistical advantage in every significant category besides free throw attempts, and free throw percentage. It's an incredibly tough way to lose a ball game, but we didn't control the things we know we can control, and that starts with being mentally tough."

An advantage in every stat?  Really?

First of all, NIU only shot 30.6% from the field compared with EMU's 35.3%.  As you can see from the chart above, EMU was also more efficient on the offensive end by a small margin.  The culprits on offense were Xavier Silas (6-23, 26.1%) and Mike DiNunno (3-11, 27.3%).  It was our 2nd worst game offensively (next to the Kent game) in conference play and we're bringing up how better we are in major offensive statistical categories?  I think I have a lump in my throat or something...BLEAHHHHH. 

Speaking of DiNunno, guess who the leader in assists was for this game?  Sean Kowal with 3.  W.T.F.

NIU played their best defense since defeating Toledo on the road back in January, but EMU's defense was better in this one.  Or maybe our offense was just terrible.  Or maybe EMU's offense was just less terrible than NIU's.  But hey, it's splitting hairs at this point and all is one in the same.

In turnovers, NIU had one less than EMU with 9.  Wow, what a huge advantage that was.  Rebounding I'll have to hand it to the Huskies.  They did a nice job on the boards with Sean Kowal grabbing 13 and Jake Anderson with 11.  Again, what the heck is Jake Anderson doing getting 11 rebounds over all the big men.  It wasn't flat-out domination, as they only had about a 5% advantage in rebounding percentage.  EMU got their licks in.

And why is Patton defaulting to using stats as excuses in post-game interviews.  Doesn't he see what goes on the court, or is it too hard to watch at this point?

I can't believe the official site just took Patton's quote and put it as a sub-headline:

No, they didn't.  So um...how about you check the box score next time.

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