Northern Illinois Huskies Eligibility Roster

Notations and eligibility are the best estimates by Red and Black Attack's authors.

Pos Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
QB 9 Matt McIntosh*
6 Jordan Lynch*
12 Drew Hare

12 Matt Williams

19 Johnny Eagan

RB 44 Perez Ford
25 Giorgio Bowers*
3 Akeem Daniels 5 Jamal Womble
20 Keith Harris Jr.
34 James Spencer* 23 Leighton Settle
38 Alex Morrow 42 Cameron Stingily*
48 Ricky Connors*

47 Rob Sterling

84 Kevin Tennenbaum*

83 Luke Eakes*
87 Jason Schepler*
38 Desroy Maxwell 88 Tim Semisch*
98 Lincoln Howard 43 Jess Striedl*

WR 85 A.J. Sebastiano* 4 Da'ron Brown* 22 Jamison Wells* 1 Martel Moore
80 Devonte Majors* 10 Tommylee Lewis
7 Perez Ashford
82 Juwan Brescacin*

13 Charlie Miller

81 Clayton Glasper

86 Jacob Brinlee

OL 55 C Andrew Ness* 59 C Michael Gegner* 79 RT Matt Krempel* 70 C Logan Pegram*
61 RG Aidan Conlon* 75 LT Tyler Loos* 77 LG Jard Volk* 66 RG Matt Battaglia
73 LG Matt Killian* 67 LG Tyler Pitt* 62 Patrick Husain

74 Dustin Adams 78 LT Ryan Brown*

64 Sal Areco
65 RT Wes Ott*

68 Ron Brown

71 Levon Myers

72 Josh Ruka

76 Brad Steger

57 Scott Taylor

DL 92 Mario Jones 94 Donovan Gordon* 91 Anthony Wells* 99 NG Nabal Jefferson
69 Corey Thomas 57 Cornelius Henry*
51 Zach Anderson*

63 Larry Lloyd*

60 David Green*

93 Ken Bishop

DE 54 Cameron Clinton-Earl* 49 LE Jason Meehan 97 LE Joe Windsor 95 LE Sean Progar*
53 Matthew Baltimore

69 Stephen O'Neal* 90 RE Alan Baxter
96 Michael Ippolito

46 George Rainey* 56 Daniel Green*

LB 45 MLB Boomer Mays* 6 OLB Jamaal Bass*
36 OLB Tyrone Clark
35 OLB Videl Nelson* 52 OLB Michael Santacaterina*
40 MLB Victor Jacques*
58 Mike Cotton
27 OLB Bobby Winkel*

8 Ladell Fleming
50 Ryan Gorrell*
41 Cody Hazelett

S 38 SS Rasheen Lemon* 21 SS Dechane Durante*
15 FS Jimmie Ward 14 FS Courtney Stephen*
33 SS Tre' Moore*
32 Nate McNeal*

34 Conner Gavin

CB 34 Paris Logan* 17 Marckie Hayes* 28 Jhony Faustin 11 Rashaan Melvin*
31 Anthony Brooks

2 Sean Evans*
19 Demetrius Stone
16 Charles Ivory

24 Dominique Ware*
30 Marlon Moore

26 Tyler Wedel 99 Matthew Sims

39 Mark Strbjak

80 Jordan Gruettner

26 Tyler Wedel 18 Ryan Neir*

66 Bobby Ramlet

84 Brian Mayer*


* = Redshirted # = Enrolled in Spring italics = walk-on status

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