NIU 40, Kent State 10: What does it all mean?

via Jerry Burnes, Northern Star

Coming into the game on Saturday, Kent State's offense was ranked 120th in the nation. That's dead-last in all of college football, but NIU's defense will take what they can get. Still, giving up only 64 yards in one game is an extremely impressive feat. They recorded seven sacks and forced three turnovers. The players made plays all over the place and DT Ron Newcomb came away with the MAC West DPOW award with 2.5 sacks, 4.5 TFL and 9 tackles.

The offense for the Huskies struggled and had Matthew Sims made 4 of 4 field goals including a 44 yarder with the wind in his favor. 344 yds isn't bad, but for this offense it is a little disappointing. Kent does have one of the best defenses in the MAC, but you would expect more from every aspect of this offense. Nevertheless, I'm glad we ahve a consistent kicking game.

Black and Black Attack

The Huskies busted out the black jerseys at one of the more absurd points in the season. Why would they do this? We may need some sort of extra boost next week to beat Western Michigan, so why now? Maybe because we were sure the defense was going to dominate against the Golden Flashes? What if we lost in the first game and cursed the black jerseys? Am I over thinking this?

Depth Chart Changes

Huskie Wire summed up the changes pretty well in this article:

Those changes included: a first start for senior defensive end Kyle Jenkins (one sack), a second start for junior cornerback Jhony Faustin (one pass breakup, three tackles), getting defensive backs Jimmie Ward and Dechane Durante on the field more at safety, and subbing in redshirt freshman linebacker Michael Santacaterina (four tackles and a forced fumble) on third downs.

It's taken 6 games to get to this point, but have we finally figured out who we have on the defensive side of the ball? Are these defensive changes specifically going to change things or did we just play a horrible team? Only time will tell, I suppose. It's amazing that a guy like Jenkins can make such a difference in philosophy when he's right under your nose as a redshirt senior.

Doeren did his best to put this team in the best position it could be going into the most important part of the season and we should commend him for making changes instead of sticking to his original appointed starters. It really shows that we have a dynamic coach that is willing to accept mistakes he may have made and put the best product out on the field. The same thing couldn't be said for the last coaching regime.

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