Army Week Mailbag

Please feel free to e-mail me at any point in the season because I am lonely and have nothing interesting to talk about want to know what is going on in the fan's mind during the season. Seriously guys, I really need friends need your feedback so we can produce the best content throughout the season.

Today's questions come from Luke:

1. I was reading how coach Doeren has been running up-tempo practices in hopes of the game slowing down for the defense come game time. Is the offense going to play faster than last season and let Harnish loose? For as good of a coach Kill was, they ran the ball a lot. Even though the offense performed well, I felt like they could have taken advantage of Harnish's throwing ability more.

The offensive philosophy this year that Doeren has consistently talked about is going hard and fast early on with the no-huddle offense. The longer the offensive stays on the field and the more successful they are helps the defense out so much because most of the guys on that side of the ball are newer faces. After trying to wear out the opposing defense though a fast-paced type of offense, later in the game Doeren plans to run the ball straight at the defense after they've worn them down throughout the first part of the game.

The offense will be more explosive all-around this season and Harnish will definitely be throwing the ball around more with the extreme depth at the receiver position.

2. With the entire OL back, do you think we see the offense opened up a lot more this season?

Like I said, we can do pretty much anything we want to on offense with the combination of all the offensive linemen we have back and the depth at every other skill position. We have a starting RB in Jasmin Hopkins and then three different types of backs that are behind him. It's going to be fun this season mixing and matching up all the skill players into different positions on the field. Canada must be having a field day. Imagine Akeem Daniels on a double reverse giving the ball to DeMarcus Grady for a throw down the field. There has never been this much speed and athleticism on an NIU Football team before.

3. How do you compare the defense to last year's? If the offense is as good as it sounds like, might the defense be on the field a lot this season and wear down?

Everybody wants to knock the defense, but I think they'll develop into one of the best in the league by the end of the season. The goal of the offense is to keep possession time up just so that the defense doesn't have to be on the field of the time. We'll be able to rush the ball and keep the clock moving just enough to give the defense some breaths. It shouldn't be any trouble behind this offensive line. There's a lot of talent on this defense, but some guys are inexperienced and there isn't too much depth either. As long as the offense can take care of things the defense will do just fine.

Thanks for your questions and keep 'em coming!

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