Defense highlights NIU's win at Akron

Jonathan Daniel

A full recap of the Northern Illinois vs. Akron game, where defense took the spotlight.

Defense a rarity in the MAC

The front seven, more specifically the defensive line on this team is sick. Every single person is making a supreme effort to stop anybody coming out of the backfield and more specifically get pressure on the quarterback. This unit is led by Sean Progar who has been on fire lately. Let's not forget about the other players that line up and rotate outside of Progar like Alan Baxter and Joe Windsor, who had a sack and a sack and a half respectively. Four sacks is a low count, it sure felt like 5 or 6. Windsor got beat up pretty bad on one play, and we're still waiting to hear an update on his status for next week.

Dechane Durante sat another game out, but Demetrius Stone stepped it up and came up with an interception in this one. It's interesting to see him return to strong safety this season and do a good job. Marlon Moore continues to develop at the CB position as well.

The enigma of Jordan Lynch's ability

Is Jordan Lynch a running back playing quarterback or a quarterback playing running back? Or is he the cumulation of both formed into some sort of freak of nature that will end up leading the Huskies to yet another MAC Championship? Where will the roadblock be where he is forced to extend his passing skills past his abilities. Will this ever happen? Will he mutate and form the ultimate MAC QB? Only time will tell. We can't have another Iowa game, not at this point in the season.

Skill players stepping it up

Ashford may be out, but Juwan Brescacin seems to be picking up whatever slack Ashford leaves while on the injured list. 2 catches for 67 yds for the 6'4" beast of a target. It almost seems like we've been forcing it a lot to Moore lately. The other receivers can have a strong impact but are spotty so it's great that Big Canada is stepping it up. A.J. Sebastiano did a good job returning. Also don't forget about the tight ends, senior Jason Schepler had an awesome TD.

The situation in the backfield was all over the place. It still seems that Leighton Settle and Akeem Daniels are on the same ground with Keith Harris Jr. right behind. Lynch is still the main guy.

It was awesome seeing Giorgio Bowers getting some serious playing time yesterday. He had two tackles on kickoff coverage and caused a fumble. Later he got in the game at RB and had 5 carries for 37 yards. He really brought it against his former team. Impressive.

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