Jordan Lynch, Cameron Stingily led the NIU Huskies offense to victory over EIU

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

QB Jordan Lynch and RB Cameron Stingily led the Northern Illinois Huskies offense over Eastern Illinois on Saturday.

Sure, Eastern Illinois got up to a 20-0 lead to start the game, but the offense didn't get shaken and managed to come back and score 30 straight unanswered points.

Sometimes you just look up and Jordan Lynch has yet another one of those days out there, garnering yet another MAC West Offensive Player of the Week Awards.

Lynch finished the day against EIU rushing for 189 yds on 23 carries and going 21 of 30 yds for 235 yds and a TD through the air.

Lynch accounted for 424 total yds for the game and it was only his 4th career game he's put together 400+ yds of offense.

The 189 yds on the ground was the 2nd highest of Lynch's career.

That was all and well, but there were some interesting things going on with Lynch in this one. One was the fact that he threw two interceptions in this one, his first two of the season to date. It was unusual to see this happen to Lynch against a team like Eastern. Maybe he was trying to force too much, take too much responsibility for the offense to respond.

The first INT came when the Huskies had already took the lead 23-20 and EIU went 3 and out. On the next series, the Panthers went for and failed on a 4th and 14. Lynch just tried to go deep to Da'Ron brown and the defender made a great play. Credit for this offense trying to go deep on the first play though.

The next INT would happen right after half-time, but Jimmy Ward would intercept the ball right back and the Huskies would head up to a 30-20 lead.

Let's take a look at Lynch's game with the videos available on ESPN:

Lynch's biggest play of the first quarter was a bomb down the field to Da'Ron Brown. It even looks a little bit like he underthrew the ball. Nevertheless, great play from that part of the field by Lynch.

Perfectly thrown ball here to Eakes in the corner where the defender couldn't get it.

This is Lynch's biggest run of the game for 34 yds. Considering he rushed for 189 yds in this game, they were mostly shorter runs rather than the high-impact play. Pretty unbelievable for Lynch to accomplish that much and not even realize it until you look at the stats. Lynch would get shaken up after this one and favor his (goods/wrist/arm/shoulder). Feel free to speculate what happened here. Just tough yards all day for #6.

As for Cameron Stingily, he just destroyed EIU with 21 carries for 134 yds and 2 TDs on the ground. Here are his highlights. You could argue that he was player of the game himself.

TD #1: The Leap


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