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Mad at Herbie? Show it on your chest

Get back at ESPN for wearing these shirts in the Orange Bowl.

Favorite Olympic Moment: Gardner wins Greco-Roman Gold

Discussing NIU athletes in the Olympics and favorite moments of all time.

Greetings from the Mid-Western Athletic Conference!

Northern Illinois should just cut their athletic funding... or should they?

NIU Men's Soccer wins another MAC Title

Congratulations to the NIU men's soccer team on earning their second MAC title since 2006.  The #2 seed Huskies defeated the #4 seed Broncos 1-0 in regulation with their lone goal coming at the...

NIU Men's Soccer plays for MAC Title

via The #2 NIU men's soccer team will look for its second MAC Title since 2006 when they play #4 WMU in Akron, Ohio today at 4pm ET.  NIU defeated WMU in the regular season with a...

An SB Nation survey, possible charitable donation

How is Red and Black Attack doing? What would you like to see more on here? SB Nation would very much like to hear your opinions and feedback on the user experience on this site. We are always...

NIU Sports Teams in the Ranking Polls

The following NIU sports teams are having a good fall season thus far and are being recognized in the top 25 polls. NIU Football: Record: 1-0 Wins: Army Current Ranking:  44th in the AP Top 25 and...

Get Red and Black Attack & SB Nation on your iPhone!

SB Nation comes out with an iPhone app. It is free and it is awesome!

E-MAIL ME!!!!! Please! I am bored this offseason. Ask me anything! Do you need personal or relationship advice? E-MAIL ME! Do you want to know something personal about me? E-MAIL ME! Do you...

Bidding farewell to the NIU blogosphere—for now

Considering how long its been since I've written on RABA I debated even writing that I would be departing the NIU blogosphere/message board. After considering where I'm going from here, it's...


Merry Christmas Huskie Fans!

Merry Christmas to all 2 or 3 of my visitors, the troops overseas, epasnoopy who is in basic training, and the players and coaches getting ready for the 5th postseason game of this decade.  And...

Gone Fishin'

Hello all Yup, I'm literally on a boat. Blogging takes a toll on the body, so I'm taking this week to reset everything. It's a bit of a non-news week sans that this is the heart of recruiting...

Happy Thanksgiving Huskie Fans!

Have a Huskie help out with your cooking today! What am I thankful for? Ben Gross can take it from here: When I think about who to give thanks to, one person comes to mind: the scheduling god. In...

Week 8 BlogPoll Draft / Pick'em Standings

RankTeamDelta 1 Texas 3 2 TCU 4 3 Alabama 2 4 Florida 2 5 Iowa 6 Boise State 3 7 Cincinnati 8 Oregon 2 9 Southern Cal 2 10 LSU 4 11 Georgia Tech 2 12 Penn State 1 ...

Week 6 BlogPoll Draft / Pick'em Standings

RankTeamDelta 1 Florida 2 Alabama 1 3 Texas 1 4 Boise State 5 Virginia Tech 6 TCU 7 Miami (Florida) 8 Nebraska 9 LSU 10 Cincinnati 11 Oregon 12 Southern Cal 13 Iowa 14 ...

Week 5 BlogPoll Draft / Pick'em Standings

RankTeamDelta 1 Florida 2 Texas 3 Alabama 4 Boise State 5 Virginia Tech 6 TCU 7 Miami (Florida) 11 8 Nebraska 1 9 LSU 8 10 Cincinnati 11 Oregon 5 12 Southern Cal 8 13 ...

Week 4 BlogPoll Ballot / Pick'em Results

RankTeamDelta 1 Florida 2 Texas 3 Alabama 4 Boise State 2 5 Virginia Tech 3 6 TCU 3 7 Nebraska 5 8 UCLA 5 9 Oklahoma 5 10 Cincinnati 6 11 Houston 6 12 Iowa 13 ...

Week 3 BlogPoll Ballot & Pick'em Standings

RankTeamDelta 1 Florida 2 Texas 3 Alabama 1 4 Penn State 1 5 Mississippi 1 6 Boise State 1 7 California 1 8 Virginia Tech 1 9 TCU 2 10 Miami (Florida) 2 11 LSU 2 12 ...

Week 2 Pick 'em Results - A small chink in the armor

I have been dethroned, my friends. It's still early and all of these top guys are also the top 5 overall, with unclec44 right on my heels!  He OBVIOUSLY knew he would win, because he didn't even...

Week 1 Pick'em Results

After opening weekend, yours truly is supreme ruler of all things that are picking college football games.  Get owned.  Don't worry though, with confidence points your score can fly up there any...

A no-frills guide to NIU for all the young pups out there

The guide to Northern Illinois for incoming freshmen.

Red and Black Attack Season Long Pick'Em Contest!

Get excited!  We are hosting a Red and Black Attack Pick'Em Contest! We will be picking games every week.  The person to correctly pick the most games against the spread will win some sort of...

RABA Back on Facebook

For those of you on Facebook, Red and Black Attack is once again going to be posting our latest work. So go become a fan and check out the latest news, photos, discussions, events and more!   H...

NIU on Twitter Starter Kit

For many of you, Twitter is still a foreign object. What is Twitter?  The best way I can describe it is that it is the simplest form of running your own website/blog.  You only get 140 characters...

Getting to know: The Bloggers of Red and Black Attack

I'm proud to announce that we have a new member to the RABA squad in Jerry Burnes of Northern Star fame.  He saved me the other day announcing the breaking news of the Kansas game while I was...

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