About Red and Black Attack

This blog was started right after the opening-day Iowa game at Soldier Field which kicked off the 2007 football season.  I was inspired to write one by reading The Hawkeye Compulsion, an Iowa Hawkeye blog which has since become SB Nation's own Black Heart Gold Pants.  I liked the dedication to their team and the great sense of humor that the guys have over there.  I try to emulate the success that they are having right now over at BHGP, while being a tad bit more journalistic and somewhat professional.  Haha, I love those guys.

Another reason why I started this up is because the MAC gets a bad rap in not having enough media exposure.  Sure, there are the local newspapers, but sometimes they don't fill you in with the entire story.  I just try to get more stories of NIU athletics out there in to the mainstream.

Northern Illinois has such a dedicated fanbase that is constantly growing nationally.  We have a great niche of fans that enjoy following smaller schools and fans that enjoy an old-school consistent running game.  We've sent some great running backs to the NFL in Michael Turner (Atlanta Falcons and Garrett Wolfe (Chicago Bears).

There are only a few MAC blogs out there and they are listed under the MAC Blogroll on the left.  A few are fan-run, while certain journalists write through their respected newspaper websites.  Again, there is a big lack of media following the Mid-American Conference.  The Big 11 teams usually have 2-3 blogs covering each team, while the MAC 'blogosphere' is slowly growing.

My original blog is located at http://niusports.blogspot.com/ with the same name.  As you can see, the google blogger platform is fairly unaesthetic and difficult to work with.  As some of the blogs that I read were transferring over to SportsBlogs Nation, I just knew that I should jump on the boat.  I am excited that I made the change and have never looked back.

Personally, I graduated Northern Illinois in May 2009 with a BS in Business Administration.  Writing on this blog really takes me away from all of the pressures of life.  I am currently looking for a job and you know how stressful that can be.  I enjoy any possible feedback on this site so you can leave me a comment or e-mail me at RABAttack@gmail.com

It just makes me feel great when a fan or a player's parent likes the blog.  It really motivates me to work that much harder to to bring valuable information and writing to the community of NIU fans all over.



Why NIU?

Well, I am a college football junkie and have been a fan of Northern Illinois ever since I saw them upset Wake Forest in their season opener at home way back in 2002.  To this day, it was one of the most exciting games I had ever seen.  They've always had an amazing run game that you could watch all day.

Add in the fact that a few guys from my high school (Wheaton North) went there in RB A.J. Harris, QB Zach Ullrich, LB Bob McClearen & LB T.J. Griffin had decided to come to NIU and play football.  Can you say PIPELINE?  I loved playing as those guys in NCAA Football for PS2 all those years.  Yours truly was even a budding football superstar until injuries derailed my NFL future.

NIU's college of business is exceptional and I wanted to become part of a budding school and football program other than the "bandwagon" University of Illinois.  U of I was good at basketball back then and it was very annoying because nobody would stop talking about the Illini and how good that school was at everything.  It was very annoying and drove me to Northern, a place less than an hour from my home.  Very convenient.

Why Red and Black Attack?

Red and Black are the official colors of Northern Illinois.  Kinda.  Actually it's Cardinal Red, but that's positively confusing because I hate the Ball State Cardinals, who are also in the MAC West Conference.  Georgia & Texas Tech also wear Red and Black, but our uniforms just look better.

Attack is based off the "Attack 4-3" defense that Novak used to run.  The funny thing about that defense is because it stopped "attacking" after the 2003 season when Shafer left.  From 2004-2007, the name of the defense was absurdly ironic because we rarely blitzed and our DBs played so far off of wide receivers like they were the plague.  It's nice to finally have a defense now that DOORKNOB DENNY DOORNBOS has left for greener pastures (Division III St. Norbert Knights).

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