NIU Football Roster & Eligibility Tracker

Pos Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
QB 17 A.J. Hill*
12 Chandler Harnish* 5

14 Jordan Lynch*

18 Tommy Coughlin*

3 DeMarcus Grady*

Casey Weston

43 Antione Kirkland*
32 Cameron Bell* 28 Chad Spann 8

26 Barrington Scott*

30 Akeem Daniels#

15 Jasmin Hopkins#

35 Alan Smith*

22 Ricky Crider*
46 Calvin Smith*
41 Pat McAvoy* 34 Kyle Skarb 2


47 Connor Flahive*

TE C.J. Compher
89 Travis Bond* 87 Y Jason Schepler 88 Nick Groeniger 6
Luke Eakes


97 H Jack Marks*

93 Adam Coleman

13 Anthony Johnson* 1 Z Martel Moore 10 X Willie Clark* 80 Z Landon Cox 8

Jayme Wells* 7 V Perez Ashford 81 V Nathan Palmer*

Da'Ron Brown 17 Matt Ng* 28 Furqan Muhammad*

OL 77 C Jared Volk* 70 LG Logan Pegram* 62 LT Trevor Olson* 60 LG Ed Jackson* 14
79 RT Matt Krempel* 75 Jerry Rigo* 68 LT Keith Otis*

OT Tyler Pitt

Matt Battaglia 71 C Scott Wedige*

C Michael Gegner

72 RG Joe Pawlak*
C/G Blake Goodell
74 RT Adam Kiel*

OT Tyler Loos

TOTAL 15 5 16 7 43
Pos Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
DE 91 Anthony Wells* 95 RE Sean Progar* 44 LE Darnell Bolding* 6
85 Stephen O'Neal* 90 LE Alan Baxter
59 Daniel Green*
Joe Windsor

DT 51 Zach Anderson* 92 NG Brian Lawson*
89 Ron Newcomb* 58 NG Mike Krause* 9
96 Rodderick Bell*
99 NG Nabal Jefferson 99 Kyle Jenkins* 98 D.J. Pirkle
Frank Boenzi

94 John Hopkins*

LB 45 George Rainey* 9 MLB Devon Butler 53 MLB Pat Schiller* 37 SLB Alex Kube* 10

64 Ross Elliott*

36 SLB Tyrone Clark 29 WLB Jordan Delegal
OLB Greg Barksdale
86 Dan Edem*

OLB Jamaal Bass
40 MLB Victor Jacques*
Mike Hellams

MLB Cameron Stingily

Gervaise Porter*

S Dechane Durante
6 FS Jody Van Laanen* 25 SS Tracy Wilson* 38 FS Mike Sobol* 8
Jimmie Ward 42 Demetrius Stone#
32 Boone Thorgesen* 39 SS Garrett Barnas
Zak Giller

Michael Santacaterina

CB 24 Dominique Ware* 20 LCB Tommy Davis*
33 LCB Patrick George 6
2 RCB Sean Evans* 46 Rashaan Melvin*
23 RCB Kiaree Daniels
Marckie Hayes

5 RCB Chris Smith

8 Donald Smith
TOTAL 13 10 7 9 39
Pos Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
45 Nolan Owen 1
P Tyler Anderson
6 Ryan Neir*
49 Josh Wilber 1

Matthew Sims

52 Alex Faust* 3 Ryan Fillingim*

TOTAL 1 2 3
OVERALL 30 15 23 18 86

* = Redshirted.  # = enrolled in Spring.  italics = walk-on status

Determining who still has a walk-on status is debatable.  What I did is if the player started at least one or more games the past couple years then I 'gave' him a scholarship on this chart.

The numbers for the overall totals include players on scholarship only.

Current # of scholarships available for the 2010 class: 18

Current # of walk-ons: 27 - 1 seniors, 3 juniors, 6 sophomores & 14 freshmen.


Recruiting Needs

1. Defensive Back
2. Running Back
3. Quarterback
4. Fullback
5. Defensive Line

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