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Key post-BGSU quotes


"The wind wasn't a factor," Harnish said. "I don't know what was wrong with me. I was playing a little too fast and wasn't very composed."

"I just didn't do well today. It was mostly me, the wind wasn't a factor at all. I was just off. The coaches did a great job at making adjustments at half."

"We had four or five yards before I had to make a cut," Harnish said. "We were just blowing them off the ball. [The offensive line] just really dominated the second half."

"Let's just say I'm sore," Harnish said. "Most of those were designed runs."


"I got to the sideline and couldn't believe it actually took that much time," said 6-foot-2, 305-pound junior guard Jason Onyebuagu, who felt like he was back in high school in Indianapolis. "We ran the wing-T and averaged about two passes a game. "That drive was the best thing for an offensive line. That's what we've been trying to do to teams all season, pound them and pound them."

Harnish on the Defense

"The defense did a great job, they literally saved us," Harnish said. "That's when you know you've got a good football team, when you make a mistake that deep (NIU 21) in the red zone and the other team comes away with just three points."

On the late punt block by Cox

"It was set up to be a return. I just got pressure off the edge. The coaches always tell us to make a play and be a difference maker. I wanted to be that guy today."

"Show him how long those hands are," Kill told sophomore wide receiver Landon Cox.


"There was no extra pressure that I felt," Salerno said. "It is my job to make the kicks for this team."

"I just take every kick the same way," Salerno said. "Extra point, game-winner, 52-yarder."


"Our special teams scheme goes back to when I coached at Southern Illinois," Kill said. "Back then, we committed to developing a great special teams squad as we refused to be beat by poor special teams play. I think that same mentality and toughness has carried over well to NIU."

"It was a tremendous group effort," Kill said. "We are finding ways to win. Today we shortened the game and it worked out."

"We tried to shorten the game in the second half," Kill said. "That's the best defense in the world, when the other [offense] isn't out there. Teams that lost their patience against Bowling Green lost to Bowling Green, and we were patient today."

"I've said since Day One we have to win at home," Kill said. "Now we have to go get some on the road."

BGSU HC Gregg Brandon

"That's the least number of plays [43] I think we've run since I've been here," BG coach Gregg Brandon said. "[For NIU] to have the ball for [11:19] in the third quarter, it makes it tough to score."