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Huskies looking at Harper QB?

With the recent commit of DE Kyle Jenkins, do we now have a chance at getting a player from the offensive side of the ball from Harper College?

It seems like this is a distinct possibility at this point.  According to Syracuse blog TNIAAM, Syracuse rescinded their offer to 2-time NJCAA All-American QB Garrett Barnas today.

Barnas' coach provided a ribbing for SU and its coaches:

"They've been recruiting this kid hard for the last year," Teonic said. "They knew they had six quarterbacks a year ago. To use that as an excuse now is ridiculous. If that's the way they want to do business, fine. Why not have the head coach doing the calling? No one called the parents. I wish nothing but the worst of luck to Syracuse. I hope they continue to be the Detroit Lions of college football."

Unbelievable.  Commited to Syracuse since earlier this month, Barnas provides us with something that we need: A veteran QB that has experience in the spread offense and can make plays with both of his arm and his feet.  The jury is still out on Chandler Harnish and our young freshman QBs (Rogers & Hill) are going to probably need another year to develop.  He was one of the kids Novak was looking at before he went to a JUCO, so hopefully he is still interested and Kill is looking at him.

Here's some youtubage of the potential recruit: