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Stoops not going anywhere after bowl win

Why am I talking about Arizona Head Coach Mike Stoops?

Example #1

Example #2

It's really annoying when a team out west comes into your own recruiting territory and takes mid-level Illinois HS prospects.  You're from the Pac-10 and you're recruiting MAC-level guys...from Illinois?  What are you doing?  Every other player on Arizona's commit list is from Arizona, Texas or California.  One can only wonder.

You make the visit, enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful women and then you're stuck.  This is Stoops' 5th year at Arizona and they only managed an 8-5 season against an extremely bad Pac-10 (whose lack of bowl teams managed to get us a bowl) and a cupcake non-conference schedule.  The blog HeismanPundit makes an extremely good case about how giving Stoops an extension is not a "no-brainer" as exclaimed by the Arizona AD.  I give him 2 years, 3 max.  And I hope Arizona State also turns it around.