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Indy Bowl: (Not) the least interesting bowl in the land?

The Wiz of Odds has a nice display of how NIU got in to a bowl game by the skin of theri teeth.  The combined opponent record of teams we defeated? 18-42.  OUCH!  La Tech not too much better with the teams they beat having a 24-47 record.

But in ranking the bowl games, the Wiz puts us right there at #33 behind the Motor City Bowl.  Florida Atlantic's sagarin ranking is so low (113th) that they drag Central Michigan all the way to the bottom.

Oh and every other news publication/blog out there can stop with the jokes about how bad the Independence Bowl is gonna be.  It probably matches two of the most evenly teams out there together in a classic battle of MAC vs WAC supremecy.  OK, maybe I'm trying a little too hard, but you get my picture.  Stop with the lame jokes already.  It's too easy with the MAC because we're all directional schools or schools with funny names like Toledo.