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Break Time

So...the bowl game is done with. We went, we saw, we played hard and we lost. There's really not too much to expand on that notion. We were 6-6 and have a long road ahead of us to improve on that record for next year. Remember this date:

National Signing Day - February 4th

Just over a month from now, we have a better notion of where this team is heading by analyzing the talent that Jerry Kill is going to bring in. Right now, we are hanging on a thread talent-wise and we need a huge boost. It was obvious that La Tech had guys that could run circles around us and keep our offense in check. There was a huge talent disparity, which cost us a bowl win.

So, what is going to keep NIU fans occupied until that date? The Men's Basketball team?

Well, they haven't played since December 20, stinking it up on our home court against Loyola Chicago. We're right in the middle of a 20-day layoff for the basketball team, as their next game is January 10th, as week from Saturday. I have no idea how this will affect the team. Our team is so young, that we may need the extra time to work on the basic fundamentals. On the other hand, we need more time on the court to get gametime experience. What is your opinion on this issue?