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That didn't go so well...

Sorry Colts and Falcons.  Even though these teams had better records, they went on the road to teams that had won weaker divisons.  And that turned out to be one of the main factors in yesterday's games.

Falcons - The underrated Arizona Cardinal defense really shut down Michael Turner.  The Falcons could also not hold on to the ball during the game, turning it over twice through the air and once through the ground.  Atlanta is a young team and it is really looking up for them next year once they add a couple more weapons.

Colts - Were backed up all day in their own territory starting drives.  Football especially in the NFL is a game of field position and they just didn't have it today.  It also didn't help that they lost the coin toss in overtime.

I also found out this weekend how much I like college football over the pro game.  Just more exciting, don't you think?

EDIT:  OOPS, forgot we had Tennessee Titans WR Justin McCareins going this Saturday against the Baltimore Ravens at 3:30 PM CST