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Toledo (2-12, 0-0) @ Northern Illinois (4-8, 0-0) Preview/Gamethread

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Conference play starts off today in the brutal MAC conference. What, you say? Actually the MAC West in particular isn't having the greatest season. At 4-8, we have the second best overall record in the West behind the 5-7 Ball St Cardinals.

We don't play any defense and neither does the Rockets so this should be an entertaining one to say the least. As long as we force enough turnovers, we should be able to beat Toledo as they are 338th in turnover %. Both teams are towards the bottom in the nation when it comes to free throw % (337th and 330th respectively), so lets hope this game doesn't come down to the line. Toledo tried to run with URI recently and should do the same with us once we push the tempo offensively.

NIU Team Leaders

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Darion Anderson 18.0
Rebounds Darion Anderson 5.4
Assists Mike DiNunno 2.6
FG% Sean Kowal 60.0
FT% Tyler Storm 80.0
3PT% Sean Smith 60.0
Blocks Sean Kowal 1.3
Steals Darion Anderson 1.8

Toledo Team Leaders

Stat Player AVG
Scoring Tyrone Kent 14.0
Rebounds Justin Anyijong 5.2
Assists Jonathan Amos 3.2
FG% Zac Taylor 100.0
FT% Ridley Johnson 70.0
3PT% Justin Anyijong 50.0
Blocks Justin Anyijong 0.9
Steals Jonathan Amos 1.7