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How the Rockets have fared so far this season

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9/05 @ Purdue 0-1 (0-0) L 52-31
9/11 Colorado 1-1 (0-0) W 54-38
9/19 No. 11 Ohio State 1-2 (0-0) L 38-0
9/26 @ Florida International 2-2 (0-0) W 41-31
10/03 @ Ball State 3-2 (1-0) W 37-30
10/10 Western Michigan 3-3 (1-1) L 58-26

L @ Purdue (1-5): I guess you could say that this was a competitive game, but it really wasn't.  Purdue got up to a 21-0 lead and then the Rockets answered with a couple TD of their own to make it 21-14.  Opelt would go ahead and throw 2 straight interceptions starting off 4 straight Purdue scores to make it 45-14.  Joey Elliott himself threw the ball to the opponent twice in a row and the Rockets got a couple scores themselves.  Pretty equal yardage all-around, but the one thing that stands out is Purdue's 315 rushing yds that they gained.  Bolden had 21 carries for 234 yds and 2 TDs.  Sidenote: We beat Purdue 28-21.

Continue on for more analysis and 7 (count 'em seven) Toledo highlight videos



W vs Colorado (1-4): You have to realize that the Buffaloes had a game on Sunday before they played the Rockets on a Friday.  In Toledo.  Such extreme traveling and lack of preparation had a severe effect on the team.  This wasn't nearly as close as the score indicates, as there were a bunch of garbage CU TDs and yardage.  At halftime the Rockets were leading 23-3.  Midway in the 3rd quarter, the score was 37-10.  Toledo had a ridiculous 624-451 yardage advantage in this one.

L vs Ohio State (5-1): Ugh.  What the hell was this?  You're going to let a pretty modest offense in Ohio State roll over you like that when you're playing in the Cleveland Browns Stadium?  The yardage differential was 522-210.  Terrell Pryor served up 2 INTs to the Rockets, but they could do absolutely nothing on offense to score a single point.

W @ Florida International (1-4): This was a strange game.  UT went up early 17-0, but couldn't capitalize on two Golden Panther fumbles.  Then the Rockets got sloppy.  FIU intercepted Opelt, but only came up with a FG.  The next Rocket drive resulted in a blocked punt that was put in for a TD by the FIU offense moments later.  The rest of the game is just each team exchanging touchdowns.  17-10, 24-17, etc.  The Rockets had a 566-312 yardage advantage.

W @ Ball State (0-6): Last second heroics by Toledo aside, the Cardinals scored FGs, not TDs earlier in the game which turned out to be a world of difference.  The Rockets with a 479-310 yardage advantage, but 2 fumbles and an INT made this game too close for comfort.  12 penalties for 102 yds killed the Rockets in this game.

L vs Western Michigan (3-3): I touched on this before, but this was just an angry Bronco beatdown on the Rockets.  Toledo was as unmotivated to play this game as WMU was the week before against NIU, if that makes any sense.  This loss may have waken up Toledo a bit, but who knows.  Sidenote: We beat WMU 38-3.

All 3 of Toledo's wins have come against teams with a combined record of 2-14.