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Twas the Day before Toledo

This is from Clear Visor, an author that posted this on the Dog Pound under his alternate persona, and not here for some reason.  Nevertheless, it's a good read for Fri morning:

Everyone enjoy their week off from 3 hours of hell every Saturday? I know I didn't.

Anyways, we have Toledo coming in this week (well no we don't, it's a road game). First thing that stands out from their espn page is....they've given up at least 30 points in every game they've played.

Purdue (52)
Colorado (38)
OSU (38)
FIU (31)
Ball State (30)
WMU (58)

Dats bad, but Rocketfootball will come in here and spin it. With that being said, they've still managed to win 3 football games this year, meaning they must have a good offense.

Aaron Opelt is good, really good. He throws for a lot of yards, 1784 and 14 TDs to be exact. For comparison, Harnish has thrown for 810 yards this year and he threw for 1528 ALL of last season. So yeah, they're gonna throw a lot. I don't want to call it good news because of those "be careful waht you wish for" type things, but he is hurt and may not play this weekend. However, he's a hockey player (or something) and if I was Scooter McDougle I'd be betting he plays.

Eric Page, have fun covering him for the next four years. Dude is a freshman and already has 41/640/6 TDs this year. Oh yeah, they also have Stephen Williams who has 40/621/5 this season. George, Smith, and Daniels will have their hands full on Saturday.

DaJuane Collins is their main back. He has 453 rushing yards and 4 TDs this year. Morgan Williams ran for over 1000 yards last year, but didn't play in the first two games because he's from Toledo and probably shot somebody or something. He has 41/208 this season. Aaron Opelt has 141 yards on the ground and 3 TDs so you have to watch out for him. If Opelt doesn't play, from what I read in the game thread backup QB Austin Dantin sounds like he would be one of "my guys" (if you don't get this, ask flames or rabid) so you'll have to watch him on the ground as well.

In stuff that will have no effect on the game at all, we've played 2 common opponents:
Purdue 52, Toledo 21
Purdue 21, NIU 28 (yeehaw)
WMU 58, Toledo 26 (and it wasn't really that "close")
WMU 3, NIU 38

So hey, that's cool for us.

More pointless fun stuff:
2008: NIU 38, Toledo 7
2007: Toledo 70, NIU 21 (hey Britt caught a TD)

Always a good time to post this:

Keys to the game:

  • We gon run, they gon throw. Don't fall behind early.
  • Come to play, we're better then them (oh noes, teh trash talk)
  • Score points, if we don't we're in trouble.
  • Contain Opelt. He's good.

All smart assness aside, if I learned one thing from the Idaho it's that I have no idea what is going to happen in any game. We could beat Toledo by 30, and we could lose. In my opinion (which means nothing), this is the first of 5 games we really have no business losing. We can afford to lose one and be fine, but I'd like to not have every game leading up to CMU (especially the Ohio game) be a must win so don't screw up your cushion in week 2 of MAC play.

It's late, I'm tired, and there are probably plenty of grammatical and spelling mistakes that I am too lazy to go back and fix. Feel free to take as many shots at me as you want. I go to a community college, don't judge me.

Go Huskies.