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It's official, we're mediocre. 

I had allowed myself to believe the Idaho game was an aberration.  They were coming off a big win at Purdue, they were tired, they'd read their press clippings a bit too much, etc, etc.  But they learned their lesson, and look how they came back at Western Michigan!

Nope.  Their performance at Toledo, coming off a bye week, was by far their worst of the season, even worse than Idaho.  At least Idaho is a good team.  Give Toledo credit, they made plays when they had to, but they are mediocre at best.  Giving up 30+ points a game, starting a true freshman QB and so on. They are bad and we managed to lose to them yet again.

This game was painful to watch.  The blocked field goal was a fitting end as the Huskies were lucky to even be in the game.   They suffered breakdowns across the board.  The midterm grades (see them here) I recently assigned?  They took a beating as they were based on the assumption that while these Huskies may lose a game here or there they won't lay a stinkbomb like tonight's.  

As far as this game is concerned I can't think of anyone who deserves a good grade except for Meco Brown and Chad Spann. Those guys ran hard and well as always.

Chandler Harnish?  He made some clutch plays late but was off target early and his pick was a terrible throw.  No wonder they only throw downfield once a game. 

The offensive line?  Didn't wake up until the second half.

Wide receivers?  Plenty of dropped balls.

Defensive line?  Gave up some long drives and didn't generate any pressure on the QB until the second half.

Linebackers?  Were any linebackers there tonight?  I didn't notice any. 

Defensive backs?  Got beat deep twice. 

Special teams?  Poor kick coverage and two blocked kicks.  Nice.

The coaches?  They get an F- for this game.  The team was not ready to play in spite of two weeks to prepare for this game.  Lack of physicality, missed assignments, dumb penalties, those are on the coaches.  And the two minute drill at the end was like the Keystone Kops.  As I said, it was a miracle they were in position to possibly win the game. 

The Huskies' next four games are against the four worst teams in the MAC and frankly nothing would surprise me.  I wouldn't be surprised if they won all four, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they lost one or even two of those games.  The MAC is a wacky conference anyway and the every other week thing (on for Purdue, off for Idaho, on for WMU, off for Toledo) will lead to heartbreak. 

Maybe this team will finally get on an even keel, but as W said so well, fool me once....