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Here's where the coaches earn their money

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It's easy to be a frontrunner, as NIU's football team can attest, yuk yuk.  Seriously though, while us fair weather fans are ready to take a step back after Saturday's disappointing loss at Toledo the coaches have to dig in even harder.  I would say times like this are when they really earn their money: when the players are down, when the fans are heaping abuse their way, when the recruits may be wavering.

The coaches need to repair their teams' psyche, fix what's broken schematically and get ready for another road game five days from now.  The best analogy I can use is professional golf.  A pro golfer can be grinding away in a major tournament and miss a make-able putt which results in a costly bogey of the hole.  Since he will be teeing off on the next hole within the next two minutes or so he needs to get beyond the disappointment immediately and turn his mind toward executing his next shot or his entire tournament will be in jeopardy.  I'm always amazed at how those guys are able to do that. 

I expect the Miami game to be a difficult challenge because of lingering dissappointment from the Toledo game, because Miami has been improving and desperately wants to win a game, because the MAC is so unpredictable in general, and because the Huskies have been so erratic this season.  This Huskie team is the office pool's worst nightmare: you never know which version will show up. 

All I know is the coaches need to get it done this week.  If not they'll really find out how much fun it is to coach at the FBS level.  The rewards are greater but so is the scrutiny.