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Schedule Watching, Early Bowl Edition

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NIU's loss to Toledo really threw the MAC bowl picture into disarray.  Here's what we know so far:

  • The MAC is assured of three bowls this year.  More than three have come available in recent years and that may happen this year as well but only three are assured.
  • Barring an epic collapse CMU will be the MAC West champ and go to a bowl.
  • The MAC East champ will go to a bowl.
  • The following teams will be home for the holidays: Akron (1-5), Miami (0-7), EMU (0-6), Ball State (0-6).

Now for some best-guess prognostication of how the rest of the MAC will shake out:

Ohio (5-2)

Remaining games: Kent State, @Ball State, @Buffalo, NIU, Temple

Projected finish: 8-4

Temple (4-2)

Remaining games: @Toledo, @Navy, Miami, @Akron, Kent State, @Ohio

Projected finish: 8-4

Buffalo (3-4)

Remaining games: @WMU, BGSU, Ohio, @Miami, @Kent State

Projected finish: 6-6

Bowling Green (3-4)

Remaining games: CMU, @Buffalo, @Miami, Akron, Toledo

Projected finish: 6-6

Kent State (3-4)

Remaining games: @Ohio, WMU, @Akron, @Temple, Buffalo

Projected finish: 4-8

NIU (3-3)

Remaining games: @Miami, Akron, EMU, Ball State, @Ohio, @CMU

Projected finish: 7-5

Toledo (4-3)

Remaining games: Temple, @Miami, @CMU, EMU, @BGSU

Projected finish: 7-5

WMU (3-4)

Remaining games: Buffalo, @Kent State, @Michigan State, @EMU, Ball State

Projected finish: 7-5

So the final standings will look something like this:

MAC East

Ohio                      8-4
Temple                 8-4
Buffalo                  6-6
BGSU                   6-6
Kent                      4-8
Akron                   2-10
Miami                   2-10

MAC West

CMU                     10-2
Toledo                   7-5
NIU                         7-5
WMU                      7-5
Ball State              2-10
EMU                       1-11

That means six teams would finish 7-5 or better and it's hard to believe that many at-large bids will be available.  Someone is going to be disappointed.  Clearly, every game will matter the rest of the way this season.