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Weather to be major factor vs WMU

When I first saw the 2009 schedule, I thought "Great, we'll have 3 early home games so we can get the nice weather."

Wow, was I wrong.  Last week was below average weather and this week...just look for yourself (2:30 gametime):

12 pm


Feels Like
3 pm


Feels Like
6 pm


Feels Like

30% chance of rain.  13 mph winds.  This is mid-November weather in the beginning of October.  This is NIU Huskie weather.  Nothing is going to be pretty tomorrow, expect Coach Kill to keep running the ball right down WMU's throat play after play.  This is not going to be good for the Broncos offense, which relies heavily on Tim Hiller making accurate throws to his receivers.  This is where the toughest and best team on the ground will grind it out to a victory.

I'm sure we're having a bunch of recruits visit from southern states like Florida or Louisiana this weekend for the game.  It's best they know what real Dekalb, IL weather is like before we hand them a scholarship.  If they get turned off, then did we really want them in the first place?

The first annual Convo Tailgate for tonight has also been canceled because of the threat of inclement weather.  It's going to be scheduled for a later date though.

Here's how WMU writer Graham Couch sees things shaking out:

5. The Huskie Stadium weather. As Austin Pritchard put it, Tuesday’s practice was an excellent dry run (or misty, gray run) for what WMU is likely to face, per usual, in DeKalb. “It’s gray, it’s cloudy, misty. Windy, too, because they got that open stadium. Wind blows right through that,” Pritchard said. Saturday’s weather calls for more DeKalb dreariness — 53 and cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain, to be exact. That favors NIU, which is used to playing on the Illinois prairie (or, “the middle of nowhere,” as Louis Delmas once called it). The Huskies are a physical, pound-it-at-you team, which is built for blustery days in late November. WMU’s more intricate offense relies on the precision of Tim Hiller’s throws.

If you listen closely, you can already hear the wind howling at Huskie Stadium. NIU isn’t unbeatable — an improved Idaho squad proved that last week — but it’s a physical football team that doesn’t lose twice in a row at home very often. Don’t have a good feeling about this one.

Make it: Northern Illinois 30, WMU 21.

It would have been nice to have blue skies and higher temperatures, but that's just not the case for this homecoming.  It's still going to be a blast though through tailgating and enjoying the atmosphere inside of Huskie Stadium.  So go in to your storage closet, pull out of all your cold-weather stuff and get out there to support your Huskies!!!