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NIU Huskies escape Oxford with 27-22 victory over Miami Redhawks

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Today's playbook may have resembled the 1899 Northern Illinois football team's (via <a href=""></a>)
Today's playbook may have resembled the 1899 Northern Illinois football team's (via

Well, actually 27-16 if you take away Miami's garbage hail mary TD when time ran out.

This game wouldn't finish anywhere near the top in a beauty contest to say the least.  This is because backup QB DeMarcus Grady had to start the game and our offense went back to the early 1900's.

Grady Was 6 of 10 passing for 60 yds

We ran the ball, ran the ball and ran it a little more.  We outgained the Redhawks 202 to -11 on the ground.

Chad Spann had the best day of his career bulldozing his way through 21 carries for 156 yds and 2 TDs.  Grady filled in carrying it 10 times for 55 yds.

Moving on to the Special Teams.  You can emphasize the word SPECIAL.

An early punt return by Tommy Davis was returned to Miami's 11 yd line that resulted in a FG.  Freshman Perez Ashford returned the next one for a Touchdown.  Garrett Barnas returned a kickoff return to midfield and why, oh why did we take a knee after that?  Ricky Crider joined in on the action late with a very nice kickoff return that set up yet another field goal.

Apparently we took a lesson from Toledo as we managed to block a field goal in the 2Q and then an extra point later in the game.

The defense was shuffling a whole bunch of personnel in there because of injuries.  They were bend-not-break, but did manage to sack Zac Dysert 8 times for 66 negative yds.

Somehow we lost the yardage and turnover battle, yet still eeked out the victory.  And that's all that matters.  3-game home stretch coming up, starting with Akron next week on Halloween.

[Note by Mike Breese, 10/24/09 8:53 PM CDT ] I wrote this before seeing Ball State's box score against EMU.  2 for 10 passing for 1 yd and 500 yds on the ground! Official Stats

What are your thoughts on the game?