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Week 9 MAC Roundtable: Halloween Edition

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Here we are again hosting the MAC Blogger Roundtable for what could be the last time this season.  This is where I ask questions to the various MAC blogs out there as they answer them throughout the week on their respected sites.  These privileged fellows include: Temple Football ForeverFire Up ChipsLet's go Rockets, FalconBlog, Rasor on the Zips & Over The Pylon. Commence.

1. Both Ball State and NIU took an early 1900's approach to offense in winning their games this weekend primarily through the ground game.  This brings the question:  Are you satisfied with the balance of your offense currently?  Would you like to see more passing or more rushing?

I'd definitely like to see a bit more passing for the Huskies.  Sure, our starting QB is out in Chandler Harnish but without more of a balanced offense I don't think we'll be able to get better as a team.  Sure, running the ball only will work against winless teams like Miami and the like, but what about when we face a team like Central Michigan.  I'd like to see Coach Kill take the training wheels off a little.

2. The two best teams in the MAC in Central Michigan & Temple take on non-conf opponents in Boston College and Navy respectively.  What positives or negatives come from playing OOC opponents this late in to the season?

CMU has slowly been creeping in to the Top-25 and winning @ BC will cement their spot on the national radar.  It's only on ESPNU, but I think that a couple more people will jump on the LeFevour-for-heisman campaign after this one.  Temple-Navy is a good litmus test for the Owls and should be a great matchup of styles.  The only negative I can see from these games is a potential for injures, which would hinder the only thing that really matters: A MAC Championship.

3. For fun, predict the outcome of the impending doom the 0-7 Eastern Michigan Eagles face as they travel to Arkansas this weekend.

The spread is 38 points, but I think that's being generous.  63-3 PIg Soohie.

4. If your team/coach were to wear Halloween costume, what would they be?

The Huskies would have to dress up as Two-Face from Batman fame.  NIU is a shady, shady team that can look great against Purdue & WMU and then go ahead and look ugly losing to Idaho, Toledo and even winning @ Miami.


This week I hope to see a more stable Harvey Dent.

5. MAC Power Poll Time

1. CMU - nearing top-25 status

2. Temple - made statement @ Toledo

3. NIU - underrated win @ Miami

4. WMU - held off Buffalo in OT

5. Kent State - very impressive win @ Ohio

6. Ohio - fell victim to the Flashes

7. BGSU - tough loss to CMU

8. Buffalo - OT loss @ WMU

9. Toledo - suffering without their 1st and 2nd string QBs

10. Ball State - won cripple fight @ EMU

11. Miami OH - very underrated passing game and defense

12. Akron - Bad, but not as bad as...

13. EMU