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Chandler Harnish's magic knee & gaps on D

Harnish apparently has Wolverine-esque mutant healing powers.
Harnish apparently has Wolverine-esque mutant healing powers.

Initial reports after the Miami game said that Chandler would be out 2-3 weeks with his knee injury.

But today, the Daily Chronicle is saying that he had surgery last Tuesday and could be ready to play on Saturday!

Don't get too excited though.

"It's not a major thing that's going to keep him out for the rest of the year," Kill said. "He'll be back. It's just something that we'll have to see. Optimistically, I was told that there's a chance that he could play this weekend. But we'll just have to see how it comes along."

His official status is questionable.  Translation: He's not going to play this weekend unless there is an emergency.

"I'm old-school," Kill said. "You've got to be able to practice and show me you can move around and do all of those things before we're going to play you. We'll just have to see."

And the 4th string quarterback is...

"We traveled Jordan Lynch last week, our quarterback. You don't want to do that if you don't have to. We're trying to get the numbers back up in the program in certain classes and I just don't want to pull all the redshirts off the kids if we don't have to."

Of course we run the ball 90% of the time (made up stat), so the quarterback position matters less than who we throw out there on defense.  FS David Bryant got knocked out the game early against Miami with a knee injury.

"He doesn't have to have surgery on his knee but you're probably looking at anywhere from 2-4 weeks from what I was told," Kill said.

This is not a good situation, because the general consensus is that Bryant is the best player on our defense.  He had to deal with a bum ankle earlier in the season, not the way you want to spend your senior year.

Last and probably the worst injury of them all, starting NG Brian Lawson is doubtful to return this season with surgery on his hand.  We'll have him back probably if we make a bowl game somehow.

Finally, nose guard Brian Lawson's injured hand is in a cast and while he'll be evaluated every week, Kill wasn't optimistic that Lawson would return before the season ends. Safety Garrett Barnas got dinged up in the Miami game but will be fine for this week.

Filling in for Lawson was Jake Coffman moving in to the middle against the Redhawks, where he netted 2.5 sacks.

I think we'll be OK and both Harnish and Bryant will be back for the road trip @ Ohio and @ Central Michigan to cap the season off.  Those two games will define what kind of team this really is.