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2009 Revenge Tour vol. II: Akron

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2005 was supposed to be our year, but then again Apron decided to be decent that year as well.  We learned from our mistakes losing to the Zips earlier in the year, right?  In the MAC Championship, Garrett Wolfe rushed the ball 42 times for 270 yds and 2 TDs.  There's no way we lose a game with those numbers, right?

Only Huskie fans with strong stomachs need continue on.  You know where this is going.

The first UA commenter mentions it as the best moment of their life.  Well to many NIU Huskies fans, it was probably a low point.  Just shock, utter shock and then a long bus ride back to Dekalb from Detroit.

In the famous words of DMS' MAC Title track, "I listen to Akon, I eat Acorns, but what the f*ck is Akron man?"  They're the "Zips" and their mascot is a kangaroo.  Does that make any sense?

The following players were redshirting their freshman year when this all went down, so they have added incentives to beat the Roos to a pulp.

  • QB Ryan Morris
  • RB Justin Anderson
  • TE Reed Cunningham
  • WR Preston Williams
  • C Eddie Adamski
  • DE Brandon Bice
  • WLB Cory Hanson
  • MLB Phil Brown
  • FS David Bryant

Cunningham, Adamski, Bice & Hanson are the only projected starters.

Phil Brown actually played in the MAC Championship game, where he netted a career-high 10 tackles and an INT.  If I were the Zips, I'd watch out for him flying down the field on special teams.  He could hurt somebody.  2006 was the year that he got hurt and redshirted.

h/t to future308

*Note: The revenge tour started with our win over WMU earlier this year on homecoming.  The Plore For 4 is a series of 4 squads with a combined record of 0-28 excluding a win over a I-AA team and Ball State over EMU.