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Bye weeks are for chatting

Mark these dates on your calendar:

Thursday, October 8th @ 1 PM - Daily Chronicle writer John Sahly will be using the CoveritLive platform to host a LIVE Q&A here on his Huskie Wire blog.  Mr. Sahly is arguably the best beat writer in all of the MAC and he'll answer any question you may have off the top of your head.  Well maybe not everything, but close to it.


Monday, October 12th @ 4 PM - Huskie QB Chandler Harnish will be answering questions in a LIVE CHAT pre-submitted and heavily moderated format.  Oh, how you fool us with your 'live chats'.  Anyways, click here to fill out your name (and city if you may) and your question for the stud Sophomore and he will subsequently answer your questions at that specified time.

I'm sure both of these will be popular with the ladiez, especially the latter.  Can't...resist...posting...