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Week 11 MAC Roundtable


As we trudge onward through the gauntlet of mid-week games, Let's Go Rockets is here to host the MAC Blogger Roundtable for this week.  Here are my responses to his questions.

1)  There are several mid week MAC games this week, with only one game being played on Saturday.  Which game are you most looking forward to watching or has the most interesting matchup?

Bowling Green @ Miami on Thursday should be a classic MAC game.  Throwing the ball all over the field, zero defense and overall just an entertaining game that isn't going to be televised.  Too bad that my Huskies get that timeslot on ESPNU instead against the Ball State Cardinals.  OOPS.

2)  Bernard Pierce of Temple is only a Freshmen yet is the only one in the conference with over 1,000 yards rushing to date (1,211) good for 3rd in the nation. He has found the end zone 14 times already and has not yet fumbled or turned the ball over.  Does Pierce have an amazing offense line or should we expect this from him for 2-3 more years?

Temple is a team shrouded in mystery.  They've been rolling through poor opponents and play in the lesser of the two divisions.  However, Al Golden should be praised for his success for making the Temple Owls relevant.  As opposed to completely off of the radar.  Bernard Pierce is for real.  He is basically Temple's entire offense right now.  I haven't seen Temple play on TV so I can't have any opinion on how talented he or the offensive line is.  This is just based on stats.  Put up some youtube videos Owls fans!

3)  This is a sore subject for some teams (IE - Buffalo, Toledo) but discuss the major injuries your team has endured this season and what your projected outcome WOULD HAVE BEEN if everyone was healthy.  We expect 100% homerism.

We're lucky in the fact that our team has stayed relatively healthy this year.  Our defensive line has taken some hits, but an army of freshmen have really stepped up at that position.  Our QB Chandler Harnish is a little banged up, but his backup DeMarcus Grady is really stepping up well.  I feel for other teams, but we've been doing OK.  *knocks on wood.  We're just paper thin at DL and DB, but seem to be doing just fine at the moment.  If one more guy at those positions goes down, then we're kinda screwed.

4) Outside of the MAC, which other college program(s) most closely mirrors your respective MAC school ? Who's performance / problems / coaching / etc. is similar ?

Over the weekend, I was watching the Stanford Cardinals beat up on the Oregon Ducks.  Gerhart and crew remind me so much of what Kill is doing for this program in terms of discipline and just being efficient on each side of the ball.  They overcome teams with more talent with good coaching.

5) If you could reorganize the MAC divisions, how would you see it divided to better promote competition, rivalries, recruiting, etc. ? What groupings would you like to see ? (Can be any number of divisions)

The only thing I would do is bring BGSU back on over to the West so that we can beat them every year.  Toledo would like that as well.  We should also pick up a team like Army or WKU, or drop somebody.  13 teams causes scheduling hell.