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If two MAC teams play in a forest...

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Not only is the 1 PM Northern Illinois-Ohio matchup the most important game far this season in the MAC, but it's also the most important game for the Huskies in years.

And it isn't on TV.

The winner of this game stays in title contention in the MAC. If NIU wins, they take on Central Michigan for the West. If Ohio wins, they take on Temple for the East.

The loser is eliminated from not only title contention, but are also relegated to a lesser bowl game. Hell, they may not even be able to make a bowl game if things turn out a certain way.

ESPN hates us. Let's face it, the conference hasn't been relevant on the national scene ever since the fighting Roethlisbergers won it back in '03. They'd rather put on second rate Big 10 teams fighting for random bowls or broadcast who wants to back-end their way in to the ACC Championship.

So what options do we have for viewing?

  • A. Experience it live. WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? GET YOUR ASS TO ATHENS, OH. Enjoy your stay. They're one of the biggest party schools in the nation for a reason. It's only past Columbus...!
  • B. Fatty's Official Viewing Party. Athens too far? Sit right down in Dekalb and feast on your favorite Cajun Fried Potato Salad (my mouth is watering) and watch your Huskies while the game is streamed on the HDTVs.
  • C. Online Streaming. Fatty's has to get their video from some source, right? Well, you can sign up to Huskies All-Access for $7 a month. Just go to and sign up in an instant. Good luck with the quality. I like to call it SQUINT-O-VISION myself. If you are technologically inable, just to to around gametime and there will likely be a link to the game.

Good luck with whatever option you choose. It's gonna be a doozy.

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