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Late 4th quarter drive summarizes the entire season

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Northern Illinois at 5:38 NIU OHIO
1st and 10 at NIU 27 Chandler Harnish pass complete to Landon Cox for 22 yards to the NoIll 49, tackled by Kenny Jackson for a 1ST down. 28 31
1st and 10 at NIU 49 Chad Spann rush for 8 yards to the Ohio 43, tackled by Gerald Moore and Marcellis Williamson.    
2nd and 2 at OHIO 43 Me'co Brown rush for no gain to the Ohio 43, tackled by Noah Keller.    
3rd and 2 at OHIO 43 Me'co Brown rush for no gain to the Ohio 43, tackled by Dak Notestine and Patrick Tafua.    
4th and 2 at OHIO 43 Timeout Northern Illinois, clock 03:36.    
4th and 2 at OHIO 43 Chandler Harnish rush for 1 yard to the Ohio 42, tackled by Lee Renfro and Patrick Tafua.    
DRIVE TOTALS: NIU drive: 5 plays 31 yards, 02:02 NIU DOWNS

The above sequence has it all.

Spann runs for 8 yds.  OK, so let's take him out of the game.  Enter the smaller, less effective back with a bad ankle to run twice up the middle for zero yardage.  Let's not put in a proven, bigger back in Justin Anderson.  Let's just give it to pitter-patter-then-fall-down Me'co Brown and see what happens.  Spann might have been banged up, but this was for all the marbles.  Brown was banged up too.

Wasted timeout.  Then comes the Harnish keeper that you could have seen coming from a mile away.  Game. Set. Match.

There goes the MAC title race.  Bowl game likely, but we'll be somebody's 2nd choice.  Up next is Central Michigan in a anticlimactic short week matchup the day after Thanksgiving.  More to come later, right now I'm exhausted.

Your thoughts?

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