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My Two Cents: Ohio


Despite its disappointing outcome the Ohio-NIU game was certainly exciting to watch.  It's too bad it wasn't televised because it showed how entertaining MAC football can be.  That was two good teams going at it for 60 minutes.  Congratulations to the Bobcats on their well-deserved victory.

Ohio seemed to be a little more physical and a little faster all day, and of course they made fewer mistakes.  That adds up to a W.  Their kick coverage was great all day.  Ours?  Wow, not good.  It's a pity because it did us in.  The opening kickoff return, the long punt return and the possession after Harnish dropped the ball led to 21 points if I'm not mistaken.  Hard to overcome in a hard-fought game.  I would love to see the outcome with a healthy Chad Spann but what are you gonna do.

Ohio also converted some clutch third downs with their quarterback under duress, so kudos to him.  And they obviously studied film because they threw at one of our corners all day with success, I won't mention any names.

It was cool to see the Huskie coaches think out of the box with Garrett Barnas on offense, especially since they can't seem to get out of the box with Me'co Brown.  But it begs the question, if you're going to have Barnas run and throw why not use, I don't know, DeMarcus Grady??  You know, our most explosive offensive player?   

Another great game from Marcus Lewis.  He has really come on this year.  It's a pity he never redshirted somewhere along the way.  He was stuck behind the big group in front of him which limited his playing time (and development) until this year and he just turned 21 two weeks ago!!  Imagine having him back next year paired with Cox and the youngsters; it's really too bad.

I could go on and on about our play selection but it's all been said before.  The coaches seem terrified to open it up.  Maybe they'll have enough confidence in the boys next year to diversify a bit.  Sure would be nice.  Did I mention that DeMarcus Grady at slot receiver would be pretty cool?

Here's hoping Mike Sobol is OK.  He looked pretty wobbly coming off the field, looked like a concussion to my untrained eye.  He had a serious one last year too, hope there are no long term implications.  Sobol isn't the greatest in coverage but he's a warrior against the run. 

Let's hope our boys don't get embarrassed too badly at CMU this week.  We're pretty banged up and we never match up well with the accomplished spread teams anyway.  Not a good combo.  I would love the coaches to go crazy with trick plays this week.  Just no onside kicks please. 

Go Huskies!