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Happy Thanksgiving Huskie Fans!

Have a Huskie help out with your cooking today!

What am I thankful for? Ben Gross can take it from here:

When I think about who to give thanks to, one person comes to mind: the scheduling god.
In 11 games, NIU’s opponents have a record of 43-80. That’s not good. And when you break it down, it gets juicier than a turkey leg.

NIU’s seven wins this year are against teams with a combined record of 15-64. That’s a winning percentage of about 19 percent.

The Huskies’ four losses are against opponents with a combined record of 28-16, a winning percentage of 63.6 percent.

NIU has failed to beat a team with a winning record. And all the Huskies’ losses are against teams with a winning record, except Toledo, which has a 5-6 record.

With seven wins, some against the worst teams in the nation, NIU is likely participate in a bowl game.

But before we feast upon this bountiful gift, as 67 other teams will also participate in bowl season, we have to give thanks to those we played this year. Thank you, schedule god, for the competition this season. It truly was a big turkey.