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NIU Huskies heading to the EagleBank Bowl in D.C.?

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All signs seem to be pointing that way.

It's likely that no MAC Bowl tie-ins available with 10-2 CMU, 9-3 Ohio & 9-3 Temple taking the three spots in the GMAC Bowl, Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl & International Bowl.

The teams with 7+ wins looking for an at-large spot in a bowl game:

  • 9-3 Middle Tennessee State
  • 7-5 Northern Illinois
  • 7-5 Bowling Green

The wild cards

9-3 Temple

They could decide to go to the EagleBank bowl considering the proximity that DC is to Philadelphia. Would be a great gift to Owl supporters and will maximize revenue. That would leave the International Bowl available to select NIU. Only CMU & Ohio are relegated to go to a MAC-affiliated bowl game.

6-6 Notre Dame

Will they even go bowling after Charlie Weis gets fired? They could play the MAC champ in either the GMAC or the Pizza bowl. UCLA will be the hot 6-6 bowl team if ND decides to stay home.

Available bowl spots:

  • EagleBank Bowl (ACC #8 At-Large vs. Army or Marshall)
  • Humanitarian Bowl (MWC #5 At-Large vs. WAC #1)
  • GMAC Bowl (MAC #1 vs. ACC #9 At-Large)
  • Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl (MAC #2 vs. Big 10 #7 At-Large)

Why the EagleBank Bowl?

It's likely that the WAC will be sending Idaho to the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise because of the proximity to fans of the Vandals. Last time I checked, the Huskies already played Idaho this year, so I see Bowling Green heading to the H-Bowl in Boise and NIU to the EagleBank Bowl in Washington DC.

The only problem would be that we won't know who our opponent would be until Dec. 12th when Army takes on Navy.

And of course neither MAC team is going to play another MAC team in the GMAC or Pizza bowls. Expect those spots to be filled up by MTSU and...Notre Dame to the Pizza Bowl? It's a distinct possibility at this point.

Hawaii could get 7-wins next Saturday against Wisconsin at home, but that's a long shot. If they did get a winning record then they would go to the Hawaii Bowl and probably send Fresno State looking for an at-large spot.

The Pundits start ringing in:

CBS Sports - EagleBank Bowl: Northern Illinois* vs. Marshall*

SI - Eagle Bank: Northern Illinois (ACC*) vs. Marshall (C-USA)

The Rivalry, Esq. - EagleBank Bowl: Northern Illinois* vs. Marshall*

ESPN - Humanitarian Bowl: Idaho vs. Northern Illinois*

CFN - Roady's Humanitarian Bowl
December 30th, Boise ID, 4:30 pm ESPN
Mountain West vs. WAC
Northern Illinois* vs. Idaho
No Mountain West team projected available