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Chris Smith's Life is a Highway

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Man, it feels great to have a football game only a couple days away!

Ben Gross of the Northern Star managed to score an interview with the very candid CB transfer Chris Smith.  It's a pretty good read if you haven't seen it already.  He's originally from Florida, but went to Highland CC right outside of Kansas City the past two years.  In the interview, he says he's never played in the cold.  Does it not get cold in KC?

The best part comes as the chat wraps up though:

NS: Do you have any nicknames?
CS: Everybody calls me Highway, like the interstate, because I’m the highway boy.

NS: Can you tell us why you have that nickname, in a PG way?
CS: There’s a reason for the nickname, but I can’t say though.

Highway?  I'm stumped.  Anybody?  And when he said "in a PG way" I was thinking our other CB Patrick George, not the movie rating.

And since Tom Cochrane doesn't want me embedding his video for some reason, here's the Big 10 Network band doing what they do best: playing in front of a green screen of a Disney movie.