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Notre Dame avoids MAC beatdown, votes against bowl game

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The mothership site is reporting that the Notre Dame players have voted against going to a bowl game.

This is a smart, yet arrogant move by a Charlie Weis-less Notre Dame, but did we expect anything different?  The majority of bowl prognosticators were penciling in the Golden Domers to participate in something called the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl in Detroit against potential MAC Champions Central Michigan.  The CMU Chippewas are playing as good as anybody right now and could have easily put the stake in the heart of the Fighting Irish to end their season.

Instead, Notre Dame gets to keep their 6-6 record which is almost like kissing your sister and stays home for the holidays.

This all but dissipates the potential bowl shuffling that would have occurred had ND wanted to go bowling and Central Michigan became champions on Friday.  The new hot 6-6 team on the block to go bowling: UCLA.  All of this could be nullified if Hawaii achieves 7 wins late Saturday night against the Wisconsin Badgers.