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Comfortably Numb in Dekalb

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I don't know what to feel about this Northern Illinois team.

They looked like they were getting into the groove last Thursday, but Eastern Michigan is an abomination of a team.  I know, I know.  They have a new coach building from nothing with a new system, but that team I saw out there was terrible.  The latter part of the MAC this year is a bottomless pit and the Eagles are nearing the bottom.

We ran the ball, ran some more and when the times were right, DeMarcus Grady launched the ball to Landon Cox for TDs on two separate occasions.

Me'co Brown got the unwarranted start at RB, but Chad Spann was unfazed by this development.  In his first two carries he ripped off TD scores of 65 and 79 yds.  That's NCAA video game stuff right there.  You want to start the game off strong?  Start the 3rd leading scorer in the nation in Spann.  Justin Anderson is ahead of Me'co at this point.  I guess Kill wants to keep playing "his guys", but if this costs us a chance at the MAC Championship I will blow my top.

The return game continues to be awesome, with Tommy Davis returning the opening kickoff for a TD.  Something that hasn't been emulated since Michael "The Burner" Turner returned a 93-yarder back in 2002. It's truly unbelievable the strides that we've made on the special teams side of things.  Now the only thing to fix is figuring out why Salerno's kicks keep getting blocked.  Another thing that could come back and bite us.

We didn't look great in the wins over Miami or Akron, so this was a much-needed break of a victory that we only had 4 days to prepare for.  This week we face a Ball State team that barely squeaked by EMU two weeks ago to grab their only win of the season.  We open as a 17-point favorite at home against the Cardinals.

Sure our running game is working against the bottom of the MAC with a little play action thrown in.  Only adding to the mystery is the status of Chandler Harnish,who allegedly was cleared to practice on Sunday.  The thing is, we don't need Chandler and his sore knee to beat BSU on Thursday.  However, he must get some reps to prepare for the road trip @ Ohio and eventually @ Central Michigan down the road.

The best part of this team is that they control their own destiny at the moment.  All of the goals are in reach as stated many a times before.  There are obstacles in the way, but a MAC Championship is still in the picture.

I just don't know how good this team is!!!  Nobody does.  Am I right?

They may lead the MAC in a majority of important statistics, but stats don't matter.  Paper doesn't matter.  All that matter is what happens on the field.

Right now, we just need to keep winning to look more attractive to whichever Bowl selection people want to extend an invitation to us.  One game at a time.  That road starts through Dekalb on Thursday against a team that really put a sour taste in to the mouths of the Huskies last year.

I should be liking these wins.  I do.  It's just that we all have to wait and see what this team is capable of.

So here I sit, comfortably numb as an NIU fan.