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The Running Back Rotation (UPDATED)

Chad Spann's remarkable performance on Saturday netted him his second straight MAC POW award.  He only had to run the ball 11 times for 174 yds and 2 TDs to get the honor in a light week of games.

"It's definitely an honor," Spann said. "That's two weeks in a row, they tell me. It's definitely nice but it's an award that doesn't really tell the true story. The offensive line has been playing tremendously. The wide receivers have been doing a great job. If I could give it, it would go to the whole offense and not just me."

As if that response wasn't humble enough, Spann essentially lets Me'co Brown start football games.  Apparently he running backs, not Kill, decide who starts each game.

Spann was asked about sharing carries with running back Me'co Brown. Brown has struggled as of late after a good start to the season but still starts games at running back. Spann has rushed for 455 yards in the past three games while Brown has rushed for 56, prompting a few questions as to why Brown starts the first quarter ahead of Spann.

"Me and Me'co kind of do it ourselves," Spann said. "Usually we'll trade off every drive. Towards the end of the game, coach will come in and tell us who he wants to go in. Late third quarter, fourth quarter, that's when he'll step in. But early on in the game it's just me and him.

"Usually I just let him go first and then I take the second drive and we just go from there."

So, to the grand conspiracy theories that have made their way to my e-mail inbox, the answer appears to be pretty simple.

This response just raises a whole new set of questions about what is happening here.  The conspiracy theories far and wide were about how Coach Kill plays favorites.  Now is he not showing enough authority by controlling who plays at RB before the latter part of games?  If he did step in and give Spann more carries earlier against Idaho or Toledo then we may have won those games.  It seems Pop Warner-ish to me.  If this truly was the case, then wouldn't Justin Anderson like to be involved in this inner-circle of running back authority?

What are your thoughts on this new development?

Spann was misinterpreted about how the running back rotation actually works.  He had this to say after today's practice:

Clearing up: I also talked with running back Chad Spann after today's practice and talked a little more about his comments from yesterday's news conference and some of the perceptions they may have created.

"This (running back rotations) has been asked a couple of times and yesterday I guess it just came out wrong," Spann said. "Usually we just trade off every series and if coach [Kill] wants somebody specifically he'll tell that person that 'I want you to go in right now.' That's how we roll and it's been like that all season.

"It's us switching every drive to an extent but when coach wants somebody he's going to tell us. I saw that yesterday and thought 'Man, I really didn't mean it like that.' "

This makes a lot more sense than what was originally said at the press conference.  Both of the talented players will get time early, unless intervened by Coach Kill.

You may now take off your aluminum hats.