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Varying Expectations towards the International Bowl

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The bowl season is just underway and the games have been surprisingly entertaining so far.  I've just been trying to get a sense of what the public thinks about the Bulls-Huskies matchup this past week, and there are some big surprises out there.

NIU Fans Perspective

All week long, I've been trying to get a consensus on this site who they think will win the bowl game.  Almost 2/3rds of visitors to RABA like the Northern Illinois Huskies against the USF Bulls.

Rb_poll_medium is running a poll as well and the homerism is running rampant over there.


71% seems a little overzealous to me.  I'm surprised the numbers went up with a larger sample size.  Both of these are clear visuals that the majority of Huskie fans think that we will win the International Bowl.  So don't try and deny it later Mr. "I thought the majority of NIU fans thought the Bulls were going to win."

So-called "Experts"

Let's keep this gravy train running with the writers from


I believe that any time that CBS' Dennis Dodd is in your favor that you're in trouble.  Interesting to see that the Huskies got 4/5ths of the consensus on this one.

Yahoo not only has experts picking, but they have the percentage of the popular Bowl Pick'em game as well.


Wow and it's USF across the board.  The biggest surprise is that next to Fresno State (who did lose to Wyoming), USF's 92% consensus is the most out of any bowl game.  The general public is absolutely trashing the Huskies in this one.

Jesse Palmer aka Public Enemy #1 predicts that USF over NIU will be the biggest blowout of the bowl season.  Guaranteed win.  34 points in his confidence pool.


I bet you he couldn't name two players on either side of the ball in this one.  Don't really get where this guy comes off an as expert other than in STDs that he received from women on "The Bachelor.  Or was it when he held Rex Grossman's clipboard in college?  Or was it when he backed up Kerry Collins?  His CFL experience?  Phlegm master Lou Holz is backing up the pretty boy in this one as well.

Little known fact is that J. Palmer was actually born in Toronto, I hope we walk right in and take a beating stick to the USF Bulls, just like the majority of Huskie fans think is going to happen.