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The MAC Coaching Carousel keeps spinning off the axle

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We've already talked about the only MAC firing of Akron's J.D. Brookhart and the hiring of super-recruiter Rob Ianello.  A small exodus compared to the slaughtering of head-men that the MAC had to endure last year, when 4 coaches got the axe.

On the other side of things, Ball State's Brady Hoke left for San Diego State last year in somewhat of a lateral move westward.  Sure, he would be making a lot more money, but going from one mid-major to another is never all-too attractive except for the fact that some believe SDSU is a sleeping giant.

This is what the Mid-American Conference has always been known for.  Coaches come in from lower levels or from coordinator positions and get their first tastes at D-I Football.  Some succeed, some don't.  But the time is short for either sides of the coin.  Urban Meyer only spent two seasons coaching Bowling Green before he left for Utah.

Brian Kelly leaving for Notre Dame sent off the dominoes.  Who was right there to fill the void at Cincinnati?  Why Butch Jones of course!  Central Michigan, the gift that keeps on giving to the BearCats.

The other move up was the hire of Turner Gill by the Kansas Jayhawks.

The Buffalo Bulls also want to say THANKS to Brian Kelly for Jeff Quinn, their new head coach.  The former Cincy OC in Quinn will be the man coaching the BearCats in the bowl game because of the fact Kelly bolted to Notre Dame so fast.  Props to Quinn for trying to break out of the CMU cycle of doom. 

Or as Kyle Warber calls it, Dollar Menu Coaches:

While our latest coach Butch Jones seemed fresh and real when we ordered him in 2006, the stomach ache after Wednesday press conference revealed the truth:

Jones was in fact fast food just like Kelly -- slickly marketed to get you reaching for your wallet, and you probably wouldn't want to see how it's made.

Mantras like: "play with passion,""finish what you start," "we are a  family" and "accountability" turned out to be as real as Ronald McDonald.

I could see Jones in another life running a taco truck and telling his one employee they are a "family" who will make chimichangas with "passion" because running a taco truck is all about "accountability." If you start building a nacho supreme, "finish what you start."

Alas, it was all "coach speak." I wonder if I am the only one who thought Butch actually believed it himself.

For some reason after BK left for Cincy originally, the Chips didn't want Quinn as head coach back then and hired Butch Jones instead.  I truly believe that this is the best deal for Quinn and Buffalo can really benefit with him leading the team.

Central Michigan, on the other hand, is still searching for a coach.  Reports came out today that the Chips won't hire a coach until after their Jan. 6th GMAC bowl game against Troy.  The associate head coach/defense in Steve Stripling will be coaching in the bowl game and is the biggest candidate right now to take over for BJ.  Stripling may also speak with Butch Jones about a possible spot at Cincinnati.  What is going on in Mt. Pleasant?

CMU really needs to make a decision and make it quick, because right now is the heart of the recruiting season.  Although the Chips have a strong class so far, if they don't hire Stripling and shop from an outside source then a lot of those guys could decommit.  The number of potential candidates could be very slim at that point.  They should just name Stripling the coach now and get it over with.  But that's just my opinion.

I'd love it if CMU were to royally flub this coaching transition.  Mainly because I want Morris DE Kevin Henry to re-think his early decision to commit to the Chippewas.  If we could get him thinking Huskies, it would be a great get in the recruiting department.  A whole lot more on that a little later.

How close is Jerry Kill to becoming the dean of MAC coaches?  Meteoric rising.  In all likelihood, he'll be #3 next year.  Maybe.  These are the years these coaches will be in as they start the 2010 season:

  1. 7th Year - Doug Martin, Kent State
  2. 6th Year - Frank Solich, Ohio
  3. 6th Year - Bill Cubit, Western Michigan
  4. 5th Year - Al Golden, Temple
  5. 3rd Year - Jerry Kill, Northern Illinois

  6. 2nd Year - Stan Parrish, Ball State
  7. 2nd Year - Tim Beckman, Toledo
  8. 2nd Year - Ron English, Eastern Michigan
  9. 2nd Year - Dave Clawson, Bowling Green
  10. 2nd Year - Mike Haywood, Miami OH
  11. 1st Year - Steve Stripling???, Central Michigan
  12. 1st Year - Rob Ianello, Akron
  13. 1st Year - Jeff Quinn, Buffalo

In other news, how has Doug Martin coached for 7 years at Kent State?  Cubit and Solich are staying for the long haul.  Al Golden will be the hottest name on the block next year for coaching vacancies.

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