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International Bowl Preview: The IntangiBulls

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HAHAHA GET IT???? Because USF's mascot is a....nevermind.

The Huskies have landed.  I repeat, the Huskies have landed in Toronto.  Check out that link for video and photos from the arrival.  Now it's time to take a look at some of the overlooked factors in the South Florida-Northern Illinois matchup.


One of the biggest thing to look at in bowl games is who actually wants to be there.  Is USF really that excited to be participating in the International Bowl all the way in Toronto?

"A lot of them were kind of bummed, like they didn’t want to go out of the country,’’ Robinson said Monday as the Bulls prepared to head to Toronto.

"When we got news we were going to Canada, I was actually excited,’’ Robinson said.

"Kind of bummed" and "I was actually excited" doesn't exactly sound like a team with a ton of motivation.  I don't know, maybe that's just me.

First there was RB Mike Ford's trivial moped arrest.  Then there was the accusation of Jim Leavitt hitting a player.  You've got DE Jason Pierre-Paul pondering about whether or not to enter the NFL draft.  A lot of those little things can really add up and you have to wonder if this team is going to be focused that far away from Florida.

Compare this with the fact that NIU is going to back-to-back bowl games for the first time in the history of the program.  We were on the borderline of actually getting into a bowl game, so you figure the Huskies want this bowl game that much more.  Not to mention Toronto's weather and atmosphere not all that different than Chicago is right now.  Going from Tampa to Toronto can be a culture shock even if you're going to be spending most of your time inside the dome. 

You really have to question the Bulls mindset in this one.

Advantage: Canadian Sled Dogs


Copy and pasted right from USF's Traditions section

Green and Gold Guys

The Green and Gold Guys and their painted bodies first appeared in 2000 as a crazy spirit idea of two freshman students. The Green and Gold guys are at all home football and basketball games and even make road game appearances. In 2003 a second painted group of students, calling themselves The Beef Studs, also took to USF spirit duty.

WOAH, what a CRAZY spirit idea.  Nothing screams dedication than a bunch of shirtless men painted in USF colors calling themselves the Beef Studs. 

Nothing means you bleed green and gold more than the brahsomeness that you find from USF fans.  Case in point: Crazy Singlet Guy:


One USF fan I wouldn't mind making the trip to Toronto would be famous bandwagoner Jenn Sterger.  As of now her whereabouts are currently unknown, but if the Huskies win this bowl game she might just start showing up at Huskie Stadium in the near future.  Remember guys that she's just for show, not function.


Advantage: Clean, disease free Huskie fans



Rocky D. Bull



Victor E. Huskie

This is a pretty close battle.  It all comes down to who has the most clever middle initial.  Victor E wins that hands down because of pure versatility.  You can call him Victor, you can call him Victor E or you can even say the whole shebang.  Rocky is limited to first name or full name status.  Rocky D...Rocky just leaves you hanging.  Plus, we have a real-life Huskie roaming the sidelines in Diesel.  If USF were to have a Bull on their sidelines, that would put them over the top.  But unfortunately the only the closest thing they have to that is Jim Leavitt.

Advantage: I hope Diesel gets tired from running across the field after TDs on Saturday

Final tally: Whaddya know, Huskies win by a field goal, 3-0.