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#18 Temple Owls @ NIU Huskies Preview/Game Thread

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Gametime: 7:00 PM CST

TV: ChannelSurfing
: 670 The Score

What you need to know

Temple's only in the MAC for football, but as part of the Atlantic 10, their basketball team has defeated OOC opponents Ball State (66-46), Western Michigan (76-70), Miami OH (64-42) and Bowling Green (63-39).

According to KenPom, Temple has the 2nd best defensive efficiency in the nation. They are also #1 in the nation in 3-pt defense. This doesn't bode well for the Huskies, as they are the 2nd worst 3-point shooting team in the nation with only a 21.4% clip.

One of the bigger strengths for the Huskies this season has been offensive rebounding, ranking 55th in the nation. Temple is outstanding on the defensive boards, ranking 13th in the nation. That may wipe out all of the advantages that we may have.

However NIU is at home for this one, and the Huskies have to keep this somewhat close if they want to be fully prepared for the conference season, which starts next month. WMU kept it within 6 points at home against the Owls and that's a good goal to shoot for.