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Q&A with AstroBull: International Style

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If you get a chance, make sure to check out the fine work AstroBull is doing over at his Bulls Blog.  The USF fanataic was gracious enough to answer a few questions I had about the Bulls.  You can also see our side of the Q&A over on his site.


1. Explain a little about the offensive philosophy and how it shifted (at all) since BJ Daniels took over at QB.

Our offense has been a little vanilla this year after Matt Grothe went down with his ACL injury. We run your basic read option spread attack, and it builds from there. A lot of our big plays this season come off the play action and throws it to either AJ Love or Carlton Mitchell. Our most consistent RB this season has been Mo Plancher. Mike Ford had his best game vs UConn, but he has always been inconsistent. But if Daniels gets open scrambling, he is electric. I haven't seen a USF player with moves like that since Andre Hall. B.J. is an athletic freak, and has all the tools to become the best player in USF history, he just needs a little more time to develop.

2. Just glancing at the participation chart, there has been a lit of shifting starters, especially on OL. What has been the reason for this? Any significant injuries?

It's been a difficult year on our line this season. Our most experienced lineman G Zach Hermann has been out the 2nd half of the season with a ruptured disc in his neck. T Jake Sims had a concussion in the Louisville game and has been out ever since as well. C Sampson Genus tweaked his knee vs Miami, but should be able to play Saturday. You will most likely see Freshman Mark Popek in at RT, Jeremiah Warren move down to LG, and Jamar Bass take the LT spot.

3. Do you really think this team will ve motivated to play in Toronto? Against a MAC school?

There are a few players that might be disappointed to play in the iBowl, but I am sure that Leavitt will have the team focused. Who knows, they might break out a different color helmet like they did in the St. Pete Bowl last year against Memphis.

 4. Touch on some of the strengths and weaknesses that George Selvie and Pierre-Paul and the rest if the defense has.

The Achilles Heel for this team the last couple of years has been a power running game, and if there is something that JPP and Selvie need to work on, it is their run protection. Craig Marshall and David Bedford are better at stopping the run, and they will sub in with Selvie and Pierre-Paul to keep everyone fresh. If USF gets out to an early lead, watch out though. They can and will get to the QB when given the green light.

 5. You don't have to give a prediction or anything, but how do you see this game turning out and why?

I think that it will be a lot tougher than what a lot of USF fans think it will be. Power running games like what NIU runs have given the Bulls fits all year. I'm expecting it to be to be a 35-31 game, with USF taking home the trophy.

Thanks for answering the questions and good luck on Saturday!