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MAC Roundtable: Championship Edition


Kyle Warber.  What a lucky guy as the Central Michigan blogger.  Make sure to follow Fire Up Chips! as the Chippewas march on through Detroit today for their 3rd MAC Championship in 4 years.  He hosts the roundtable this week all while we're still waiting for the first one since 1983.

I. As a Patriots fan since the mid 90's I have learned that once you start winning, everybody hates you. So go ahead and vent. Give me the top 3 things that bothers you about CMU. Something they did to your team, the headlines, or the Dan LeFevour love. If you don't feel comfortable with that, than summarize what the Dan LeFevour era at CMU has meant to the MAC Conference.

If there's one thing that bothers me about this version of CMU is that they've reversed the trend of consistence dominance that NIU has had on them from 1998-2006.  Usually we can hang our hat on beating the Chippewas year in and year out no matter how good they were, but that wasn't the case these past couple years.  Congrats to Dan LeFevour for continuing to turn that program around since the first NIU game I ever attended against the Chips in 2004.

II. Akron just gave J.D Bookhart his marching orders. Do you think this move is justified, or would you agree with me that winning in the MAC is all about luck and timing...getting that one elite QB the BCS overlooks and riding that Pony as long as you can.

Brookhart had a hex on him all season ever since he kicked Chris Jacquemain off the team and had to fire an assistant coach for a recruiting violation.  With all the off-the-field stuff going on, the on-field product wasn't any better finishing with only 3 wins.  Winning in the MAC is a gradual process, although most see it as a stepping stone to a next job if you manage to catch magic in a bottle.  Those teams that do go through so many coaches can't keep a consistent amount of success season-in and season-out.

III. So its the Fightin' Dan LeFevour's versus the Banged Up Bobcats. Do you think CMU will win this, or do you think there is a chance that CMU get's "Buffaloed" like Ball State did last year.

I really feel that CMU is the team of destiny and that Ohio doesn't have much of a chance.  Especially with the home-field advantage that Detroit brings the Chippewa faithful.  LeFevour is just too much of a stud and CMU's defense is very underrated.

IV. MAC Player of the Year. Dan LeFevour or Freddie Barnes?

Definitely LeFevour.  Freddie Barnes deserves more recognition, but it's tough because Tyler Sheehan is also a great quarterback.  The difference is that LeFevour touches the ball every play and CMU would be nowhere without him.

V. What thing about the 2009 MAC season disapointed you the most?

I feel bad for Eastern Michigan, because it sucks when a team doesn't get a chance to taste victory at least once in a season.  Ball State and Western Michigan also had disappointing years coming off some success in 2008.  Oh well, NIU beat all those teams to become bowl eligible so I guess it's not that big of a deal.

VI.  Which teams will be picked to with the whole thing in 2010?

Northern Illinois vs. Temple.  Mark it down.  Both teams are stacked with quality underclassmen.