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Bowl Watching - Weekend Open Thread

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Fire Up Chips!  Congrats to Central Michigan on winning the championship for the 3rd time in 4 years.  Adding in the bowl games on Ford Field, that's 6 postseason appearances without leaving the state in recent years.  Time for you to leave Detroit for once and be the premier team for the GMAC Bowl in Mobile.

Should be an exciting day of college football Saturday with various conference championships all across the country.  MAC play is done and we have to wait until at least Sunday until the BCS bowls to know exactly where we are going for the postseason.  Or earlier, you never know.  Since Notre Dame is a bunch of sallys and are afraid of losing to a MAC team in a bowl, UCLA will take their spot and I see them taking on the Bobcats in Detroit.

My Final Bowl Projections:

  • GMAC Bowl: Central Michigan vs. Troy
  • Little Caesars Pizza Bowl: Ohio vs. UCLA
  • International Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. UConn
  • EagleBank Bowl: Temple vs. Marshall
  • Humanitarian Bowl: Bowling Green vs. Idaho

Yes, these predictions are probably horribly off.  What are your predictions for the end of this weekend?

Somewhat relevant games to watch:

7:00 PM - Nebraska vs. Texas (-14) on ABC

Texas should win easily.  If not, they send the BCS into a tailspin.

10:30 PM - Wisconsin @ Hawaii (+12.5) on ESPN2

Hawaii is looking to one-up their 6-6 record in the 13th game of the season and become bowl eligible.