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Vote Sam Hurd to the 2010 Pro Bowl!

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Did you know that Sam Hurd is NIU's 2nd leading receiver of all time with 2,322 yds from 2002-05?  Ever since he signed on to the Dallas Cowboys in 2006 as a free agent, he's been a hardworking fan-favorite. 

I just got an e-mail about an online campaign through facebook, myspace and a few Texas newspapers to get Sam Hurd into the 2010 Pro Bowl as a special teamer. Right now, he's only behind some dude from the Vikings by a few thousand votes.  Check out this article: Sam Hurd reaches out to the fans (ESPN)

Here's what you can do:

Vote at:
Click on Special Teams, then click on Special Teamers, finally look to the right at the NFC Special Teamers and you'll see Sam Hurd/Dallas Cowboys

Vote early and vote often!

Watch for him against the NY Giants in the afternoon game today, along with another former Huskie in Doug Free manning the right side of the offensive line for Dallas.