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BCS Teleconference Hijacked, Public Relations Mess Continues

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Just place this in Glendale, Ariz. right now.
Just place this in Glendale, Ariz. right now.

Need any more proof that the BCS system is in need of a change?

During the teleconference with the BCS director, executive director and the five bowl reps, prank callers from an unknown radio show hijacked the phone lines.

No word on what was expressed yet, but you can be sure Executive Director Bill Hancock was a little embarrassed.

The attack on the BCS by fans has reached new heights thanks to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The BCS Facebook page and Twitter account (@INSIDEtheBCS) have been bombarded by upset fans.

Since being promoted Hancock felt it was needed to become more public with the social networking sites. Here's a few excerpts collected by

"... not getting enough venom via the traditional media?"

"You are like a black, ichorous boil on the sporting world that should be lanced with rusty nails."

"We hate you. Signed, Everyone."

"We especially hate you. Signed: Utah."

As the seasons wear on it's obvious less fans are grabbing onto the "regular season is a playoff" concept the BCS has tribed for years now. The TCU-Boise State Fiesta Bowl matchup can't help things any.

The BCS has backed off playoff talks unitl the 2014 season is over, when the contract with ESPN runs out. I bet a new contract is in place before then. The best thing for the BCS right now is that the Boise States, TCUs and Utahs of college football simply go away and lose. Wouldn't hurt them any if Congress decides to back off.

Maybe Hancock will start feeding Ken Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter steroids under the table next time December rolls around.

Fact is, Hancock has opened up a can of worms that will be hard to control. I'd like to see how he answers, and how the BCS itself answers, to this latest embarrassment handed to it by the fans.

It's Hancock who has opened up the BCS to more criticism than ever. There's only one way to answer to it: give the majority of the fans what they want.

The majority might still support the current system, but the tide is turning, and the majority voice is drifting out of tune.

Time for the BCS to control the mess it has created, not just with the college football postseason, but with the public relations circus currently on hand.