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The Daily Diesel might need to get a passport


I'm sure the main concern on every fan's mind is: Does Diesel need a passport to get to Toronto?  The answer: Diesel planned for this and got his passport weeks ago.  So did the rest of the team.  Step on it people.  Huskie Wire | Get your passports soon Bowl Central <------------This hub has everything.  Bookmark it.

Official International Bowl website

The official release Huskies Bowling Again; Northern Illinois Headed to International Bowl

The NIU Alumni Association is having a pregame party at 9:30 AM.  Register here to get your tickets for both the reception and the game.

Official Travel Packages:

Rest assured, the announcing team will be Pam Ward-free

International Bowl: Northern Illinois v. South Florida (ESPN2, Noon)- Mike Gleason, John Congemi, David Amber

For the fiscally responsible, this year is a good deal  Huskie Wire | NIU's ticket allotment

In a change from years past that might make a major impact on expenses, Northern Illinois will not have to buy its allotment of tickets for this year's International Bowl. Whatever amount of revenue NIU can generate from selling its 10,000 ticket allotment, it gets to keep. That revenue will be used to help defray other bowl expenses.

For last year's Independence Bowl, NIU had to buy a 12,000 ticket allotment, which cost $420,620. It was allowed to keep the revenue from tickets sold, which ended up being about 2,000. That resulted in $38,880 for the school but didn't do a lot to alleviate the expense of the tickets it had to buy first.

We're not the least interesting bowl this year!

USF Perspective